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Sergey Yesenin. Poems about nature

The theme of nature in Esenin's poems isone of the first places. We can say that it is the main component of his work. Practically in every masterpiece of his work the reader can notice beautiful and at the same time unusual descriptions of Russian nature. Yesenin was able to convey the beauty of Russian nature so accessible that the works sink in the soul to adults and even to small readers.

Love of the poet to his homeland

Yesenin poems about nature

A lot of poems were dedicated to the homeland by the poet S. Yesenin. Poems about nature constantly intersect with poetry about the homeland. For the poet, the image of the country and nature are inextricably linked. He perceives Russian nature as eternal beauty and eternal harmony of the world, which is able to heal human souls. In his work Yesenin as if urges a person to stop for a moment, look at the most beautiful surrounding world, listen to the rustling of the grass, hear the voice of the river and the song of the wind, observe the starry sky or the morning dawn with which a new day begins.

In Esenin's poems, pictures of nature seem toanimate, living. They not only teach to love the nature of their homeland, they lay the foundation of our character, this poetry makes a man kinder and wiser. After all, a man who loves his homeland and its nature will never oppose itself to it. Admiring his native nature, with some kind of gentle thrill fills his poems Yesenin. Poems about nature are simply filled with bright, rather unexpected, but at the same time accurate comparisons. The poet compares the month with curly lamb, and the night sky with blue grass:

Behind a dark strand of peries
In the unshakable blue,
Lamb curly - month
Walking in the blue grass.

The Avatar of Nature

an analysis of the poem about the nature of Yesenin

Esenin's lyrics are very characteristic of the receptionimpersonation, which the poet used often enough. The Creator created his own unique world, thereby forcing the reader to see how the dull rider-month dropped the occasion, or how the road slumbers, or how a thin birch tree looked into the pond. In his poems nature comes to life, she can feel, be sad and have fun, be upset and surprised.

As for the poet, he merges with nature,feeling one with flowers, trees and fields. He refers to flowers as living beings, talking to them and trusting their sorrows and joys. Many important events in Esenin's life, as well as his emotional experiences, are inextricably and very visibly connected with natural changes. When a poet is heavy on the soul, and the wind moans, and the leaves fall, but when the soul is calm and happy, the sun shines, and the grass wavers a slight breeze.

Early Creativity

In the period of early creativityChurch Slavic speech in his poetry was used by Sergei Yesenin. Poems about nature were a fusion of heaven and earth, and nature was the crown of this union. In his work the poet conveys a picture full of bright colors, passing also the state of his soul. For example, he describes the dawn, which accompanies the weeping of the Orioles and wood grouses, but at this moment adds that he does not cry, for his soul is light.

How did the nature and age of man blend the poet Yesenin

The poetry of nature
Poet about nature poet often intertwined and withthe age of the person. For example, the description of a carefree youth looked colorful, bright, bright scenery. But to replace youth, human maturity always comes. In his poems Esenin compares this period with the time of the year under the name of autumn. This is the period when colors do not dim, but, on the contrary, they change their shades to brighter ones - gold, scarlet, copper. Such poems bear not only joy, but also some hidden sadness, because such bright autumn colors are the last flash before the coming long winter. In the later creative period of Esenin one can feel sadness, melancholy and untimely death, which gives a more accurate analysis of the poem about nature. Yesenin yearns for his lost youth, describing his condition in poetry. Such emotions can be caught in the poem "The Golden Grove Solved".

Nature is a source of inspiration

Yesenin perceives nature as a wholewith them. It is in nature he sees the source of inspiration. Only native land was able to endow the poet with folk wisdom, such a wonderful and amazing gift. The poet from childhood heard the beliefs, songs, tales, which later became the source of Esenin's work. The poet was so fond of his homeland, his nature, that no beauty of distant exotic countries eclipsed the charming modesty of native Russian spaces.

the theme of nature in the poems of Esenin

To describe the nature of the poet were chosen quitesimple words, but they sound like a song. This makes it possible to quickly and simply feel all the emotions that Yesenin wanted to convey. Poems about nature occupy most of the poet's work, and this proves once again that Sergei Yesenin loved the beauty of his homeland so much that it was Russian nature that brought him inspiration in every corner of the earth.

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