/ How to find a person in contact? A quick guide to using popular social network search

How to find a person "in contact"? A quick guide to using popular social network search

In our time, more users of the Runetbecome habitues of various social networks. One of the most popular of them is the resource "VKontakte", where currently more than one hundred and forty million users are registered. Looking at this huge figure, inexperienced users involuntarily have a question - how to find a person "In Contact" among such a number of registered in this social network? You can learn about this if you read this article to the end.

Before you start looking, you need toregister yourself in this popular social network. To do this, you need to fill out a simple form, then optionally you can upload your own photos and provide your page with additional information (this is primarily to make it easier for your friends to find your profile), after which you can try and find people "In Contact" .

To make the search for pages as easy as possiblefamiliar to you people, the creators of this social network have created a number of useful tools. The simplest of them is the "Search" itself on the site, which is famous for "Contact". Finding people using this tool located at the top of the page works very simply - you just need to enter into this line the name and surname of the "wanted", as soon as you have a result consisting of a list of all registered users under that name and with such name. But sometimes this is clearly not enough. After all, how to find a person "in contact", if he has several hundred namesake who live around the world? Do not be in a hurry to despair, or to start viewing all the pages issued by the search in order to find the right questionnaire. Try to use the so-called "advanced search".

If the initial search gave you too muchquestionnaires, you can significantly reduce their number, indicating additional information about the person you need. Even such parameters as the country and city of residence can reduce the number of questionnaires from a few hundred to one or two dozen. And if you enter even more detailed information - training places, military unit, where the "sought-after" person, work place, marital status, and so on went, you can find exactly the questionnaire that you needed.

But there are other options for answering the question,how to find a person "in contact". For example, if you know the ID of the questionnaire you need (this information can be provided directly by the owner of the page or your mutual friend), then it is enough to register it in the browser line after the address of the resource itself (http://vk.com/) and you will automatically get on the page you are interested in.

Do not forget that if a person has decided not toenter so detailed data about yourself or enter information that does not correspond to reality (for example, changed the name or surname), it simply will not be included in the results of your search. But how to find a person "in contact" in this case? To begin with, you can try to study the lists of possible friends of this person. Perhaps you will be able to see it in photos of mutual friends and find out under which pseudonym he is "hiding". But do not forget that such a "deductive" method can not always guarantee a 100% result.

Now you know how to find a person "In Contact"and we must understand that if one of your friends very well "conspires", then not everyone will find it. But if this is your good friend, to whom you are interested, it may well be that he himself will find your page and will first offer you "friendship". If this did not happen, then it is quite possible that this person does not deserve the efforts that you are making to find him.

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