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How to submit an ad for KUFAR: instructions for working with the largest trading platform in Belarus

In the era of rapidly developing technologiesprinted publications - magazines, newspapers, books - gradually lose their popularity and day by day go to the background, giving way to editorial offices on the Internet. In the World Wide Web, analogues of all "paper literature" regularly appear, from cognitive journals to entire online libraries. Did not avoid changing the side and advertising newspapers, ads from the pages of which gradually moved to the sites on the network.

How to advertise on Kufar
As the Internet spreads, the number ofsuch sites are constantly increasing. Owners of web resources create services that are targeted at a certain narrow audience. Basically, they are intended for residents of a country or city; sale of real estate, apartments; search for lost things, exchange of goods with other users. Popular in Belarus is the Kufar message board, where you can buy and sell various products.

Kufar - main trading platform of Belarus

Kufar billboard, located atkufar.by, started its work more than 10 years ago. The first message on the site was published in 2004. And since that time free ads in Belarus for "Kufar" appear regularly. This service allows you to both sell any goods you do not need, and buy any thing, from the garment to the building materials.

Kufar in Bularussia free classified ads

What makes Kufar different from other sites

One of the reasons why the site "Koufar" deservedappreciation and popularity among customers, is a special calculation system used on it. So, in order to profitably apply for "Koufar" or order advertising on the service, the seller will need "kufi" - the so-called domestic currency, which can be purchased by making a payment through a bank card.

What can I buy and sell on Kufar

On the site Kufar.by there are 14 categories of goods, which in turn are divided into dozens of subcategories. The main areas of trade / sale on the portal are clothing, furniture, real estate, machinery, transportation and children's goods. Also on the site Kufar you can buy everything you need for your garden and garden, equipment for tourism and outdoor activities, wedding paraphernalia and even pets. In addition, this service allows you to find a job, rent a property and "sell" your services.

kufar message board

Kufar website published a lot of adsabout the sale of men's and women's clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, household goods, dishes and kitchen accessories, furniture, audio, photo and video equipment, computers and laptops, smartphones and tablets, cars (from cars and ending with agricultural machinery ) and sporting goods.

Register on Kufar

In order to place an ad on "Kufar", notit will take a lot of effort. First, you need to register "My Account" on the site. To do this, go to the main page, visit the "Login" menu and select the registration option in the window that appears. To create a profile on the bulletin board, it is enough to determine the account maintenance option ("Business" or "Private"), enter a valid email address and password. After that, you will receive a message to the post office, in which you need to confirm the registration on the site by clicking on a special link.

How to submit an ad for "Kufar"

Once you've activated your account onyou can easily start publishing ads. If previously you did not use similar services, read the small instructions on how to submit an ad to "Kufar". First click on the orange cross in the site header. After that, the menu for creating a product card opens, where you will add its photos, name, select a category, enter a description, define the cost, and also specify the contact details of the seller.

how to apply for kufar

If you want to sell your product as much as possiblefaster, use the services of its promotion on the site Kufar.by. To do this, at the very bottom of the product card window, select how you want the ad to appear. The most favorable variant of promotion is the "Turbo" mode, which fixes the ad for 3 days in the VIP section, and also seven subsequent days highlights it with the color among the others and raises it to the top position.

kufar by
Also, users of the site "Kufar" are available a package"Summer Express." At its purchase the seller receives 7 daily ads lifts and color allocation for the following week. A more economical option is the "Standard", which provides for the announcement of the announcement for 7 days and 3 of its daily uplifts in the list.

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