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How to add a site to Google?

Daily in the World Wide Web there are thousandsnew blogs and websites. Not surprisingly, search engines often do poorly in indexing new projects. How to change the situation? The very first thing that comes to mind is to tell about the website that appeared or, in other words, to add a site to the search engines.

Search engines learn about the emerging sites, clicking on links located on other resources. If there are no links on the site, it is unlikely that he will be extradited.

Search engines see new web pages with the help of their robots, which move through the links, and if they discover something new, they queue up for indexing.

Large search engines provide webmasters with forms specially designed for new sites, such forms are often called ad-addictics (the root phrase is Add URL).

This article is devoted to the question of how to add a site to Google. Google - one of the most common search engines in Russia and in the world.

How to add a site to Google?

Google creators provide a personal webmasterCabinet, in which the user, in addition to all other actions, can add his own site, confirm the rights to it, add a site map. The Russian version of the service is called "Tools for Webmasters."

After clicking the "Login to Webmaster Tools" button, you will be automatically redirected to the authorization page.

In the event that you have previously registered in anyfrom Google services, for example, they created a Gmail mailbox, you can enter the login and password used to enter the mail. Otherwise, find information on how to register in Google.

When you first get acquainted with the "Tools forwebmasters "it is impossible not to notice the button" Add site ", located in the central part of the screen. This is done specially, because we have not added anything yet, and Google offers us to click this button. Of course, we will do it.

On this page under the above buttona small window will appear to enter the address of the added site. The address is entered with the addition of http: //. After that press the "Continue" button.

Proof of ownership

To confirm the rights to the site is quite simple. The options for confirmation are divided into recommended and alternative.

In recommended in the first place isoption that assumes loading the HTML file on the server where our site is located. Click the link "Download this HTML confirmation file". You will be offered to download a file that you need to upload to the server of the added site using the FTP manager. After downloading the file via FTP, we press "Confirm", automatically go to the toolbar.

How to add a site to Google, we figured out, now add a site map. In the left part of the window is the line "Site Configuration", after clicking on it, a submenu appears.

Select "Sitemaps", opensA page that allows you to upload a sitemap. You will notice a button called "Submit a Sitemap", click it and in the opened window enter the path to the Sitemap file relative to the root directory.

Then click "Submit a Sitemap" (the button is to the right of the site map address). Wait for a while.

After a few days or more, the site map will be processed by Google's search robot, after which you will be able to view the report on pages that have been indexed.

Regional affiliation of the site

Google does not provide the ability to select a region, but if you add an organization's website, specify its address in the Google directory, this will help in the issuance of the site and increase its credibility.

We hope that the information provided in this article has helped you understand how to add a site to Google. As you can see, this is quite simple, and even a novice can do it.

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