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How to record a streaming video?

Surely many of us at least once in my lifemet with a situation where when watching a video on the Internet or on a favorite site, there is a desire to save it to your computer. Save something you want, but the buttons "download" is not around ...

streaming video recording

All sorts of tutorials, a new series of favoritemovies and many other interesting events you have to bookmark and each time to sort through a heap of web pages? All! Finally, such an agony came to an end, because mankind has invented a whole list of useful programs that help to save streaming video.

Download Master is quite an interesting solution. Helps ensure the preservation of streaming video from services such as Youtube, Facebook and others, supports the work with various browsers. Pros: high speed, convenient interface. The program is absolutely free. Cons: There is no automatic update. Each time you have to download the entire distribution program.

Internet Download Manager - that's what everyone is looking forwishing to record a streaming video. Pros: when you start any video, music or slide show automatically requests permission to download. Can work in the background. Supports several downloads at once. In addition, the program uses dynamic file segmentation during the download, support for the resume and working with the antivirus installed on your computer. Cons: except that the program is paid.

save streaming video

From not less popular: Stream Cloner, Web Stream Recorder and many other programs with various functions, helping to record streaming video for every taste.

An important function of manyinterceptor program is a download scheduler. Agree, it is quite convenient to set a schedule for downloading video or music, add uploads to the queue and ask the computer to shut down automatically when the download is complete?

Video, obtained with the help of the above programs, can be sent via e-mail to friends, placed on social networks, converted into various formats, burned into DVD-quality.

Along with tools that allowrecord streaming video, I would like to mention the programs that made it quite possible to play videos from popular services on their website. This is not a recording of streaming video, but the so-called broadcast.

Random Video Sidebar Widget - the same plugin (or, to be more precise, a widget) that perfectly handles this function.

saving streaming video

The widget can be placed anywhere in the site's sidebar, in addition, the plug-in allows you to save the id of just five video files and broadcast them in turn.

Yes, you understood correctly. In order for this plug-in to work, you should copy the id of the viewed video from any service, for example, with Youtube, and insert the video ID in the widget field. All! The video will be broadcast on your website. The plugin also allows you to edit the size of the widget and add a name.

Finally I would like to note: the choice of a paid or free program is a purely personal matter. However, when choosing a paid option, it is better to still use a licensed, verified version. Otherwise, it is better to secure yourself in advance: create a system restore point and do not disable the antivirus (no matter how you are asked on the site). Also, after installing the program, make sure that automatic updating is disabled, otherwise you risk losing a useful, "successfully extracted" utility after the first upgrade.

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