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Find out how to find out the name of the song

For sure, each of you is not indifferent to anymusic. And each has its own unique music collection, which is regularly replenished. But there are times when you once hear a completely unfamiliar melody and you want to know what kind of song it is. Only how to get all the necessary information? Where and how can you help?

It turns out that it is not necessary to fall into despair. Today, there are many ways that will prompt you how to find out the name of the song. Let's try together all the variety of the selection of music files.

What kinds of recognition of music tracks exist

In order to select a particular search methodmusic, you need to know what primary data we have. In addition, we need a small piece of musical composition. It turns out that we have to find the answer to the question of how to learn the name of the song from the excerpt.

how to learn the name of a song

Now you need to share your music collection, taking into account what you know about those or other songs. In the end, you should get the following list:

  1. Tracks recorded on a dictaphone or other similar device.
  2. Music from radio stations.
  3. Songs from movies or games, that is soundtracks.
  4. Songs in which you can play the melody.
  5. Songs where you know the words.
  6. Other music.

Now we can consider each category separately.

What do you have on the recorder

To determine the tracks in yourcollections, there are special programs. These include, for example, Tunatic. This program records the song from your device, and then looks for it in its own database. It is possible to record through the speakers or a stereo mixer.

learn the name of the song by melody

Let's see how to find out the name of the song by yourvoice recording by other methods. Here we can use the online service AudioTag, acting in the same way as the previous application. Here you will get full information about the track: the name, the name of the artist, the album and the time of the appearance of this album.

Analogues of the listed services can be Audiggle, Shazam (for smartphones) and TrackID for other types of phones.

How to search for music that was played on the radio

Let's figure out how to find out the namesongs from your favorite radio wave. If you heard an interesting song on a station, remember the time of its sounding and the name of the station. Now, according to these data, you can find music on the sites Moscow.FM or Peter.FM. Where to look? It all depends on which of these cities the specific radio station was born. And the name of the song can be found on the site of the station where the track sounded.

The radio you are accustomed to listening to does not exposetracks on the site? In this case, wait, when the desired song again sounds on the air, and write it to your device. Now you can use the search method number 1.

Lovers of songs from the cinema

Do you want to find a song from a movie or a game? You can see the data about the music used in the credits of the picture you were watching. If there is no such information at the end of the film, search for the desired composition via the search engine on the World Wide Web. To do this, enter the word "Soundtrack" or "OST" and the name of your movie (game).

Try to find out the name of the song by the melody

Find the song on the melody will help the site Midomi, onwhich you will have to sing a fragment of the track. After that, this music resource will give you options for tunes from its database with full information. This service also allows you to search by the words of the songs.

how to learn the title of the song from the excerpt

We search for tracks by texts

Here everything is quite simple! Enter the words you know in the Internet search engines, and then listen to the suggested options. Now you know how to find out the name of the song in the text.

Other ways to search

You can ask your question about the song to people in the worldwide network or to your friends. Perhaps they know the composition you like. The main thing is to wait until they answer you.

There are very interesting online services thatallow you to beat the rhythm of your favorite melody. You need to go to these sites and beat off the rhythm of the songs on the keyboard. After that, the system will give you options for tunes with a similar rhythm. Similar services are offered by the English site Song Tapper and the Russian service Ritmoteka.

If you want to learn a song from a video, readdescription and comments to it. It is possible that here you will find the name of the track, as well as its other data. Otherwise, find the same video on other sites and see the information there. The methods described above can also be applied.

how to recognize a song by name

Search by title or artist

Let's now figure out how to find out the songby name. What if you know what the composition is called, but the performer is not known to you? In this case, use a search engine. In the search string enter "track.mp3 (MP3)". The next step is to listen to all the fallen songs. Among them you can find exactly the one that you need.

If you know only the performer of the desired track, try to listen to the discography of this artist. You will surely smile good luck, and you will find in the long list of songs the composition you liked.

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