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The most popular channel on YouTube: the top five

Recently, the World Wide Webbecomes a place of employment for many users who earn money by filling content sites, promoting blogs and creating channels on YouTube - a service that provides video hosting services. The most popular channel on YouTube earns money on contextual advertising, affiliate programs, subscribers and the number of views. Being a favorite site of video bloggers, YouTube gives you the opportunity to earn fabulous amounts on original videos that are of interest to the general public.

Talented users, of course, did not stay aside and created channels of various themes and directions that became known and brought to the creators considerable income.

We present to your attention the top five popular bloggers - the stars of YouTube video sharing.

the most popular channel on youtube

Natalie Tren

Natalie Tren - the most famous blogger,broadcasting its shows from Australia under the name communitychannel, opens the rating "Most popular channels on YouTube". Regularly downloading comedy sketches, she earns from 100 thousand dollars a year. Her magnificent facial expressions, acting skills, a wonderful sense of humor are estimated by millions of viewers around the world and attracts more and more subscribers to her channel. The views of Natalie Tren sketches reach 140 million.

Lucas Krükschank

Another most popular channel on YouTube -a video show by Lucas Krükshank, who, using his mother's video camera, puts out humorous spots in which he plays the role of a single six-year-old child, Fred, speaking in a corresponding voice. The talent of Lucas and his brilliant idea served as an idea for the film "The Fred Show", which was broadcast and sponsored by the channel Nickelodeon. The comedy series shows the adventures of a 16-year-old teenager, constantly falling into ridiculous situations and scrapes. Lucas Kriukshank, being a young US blogger, earns more than 140 thousand dollars a year on his channel. The number of views of his videos reaches two hundred million viewers.

Max and +100,500

As for the Russian videobloggers, theyalso do not lag behind the popular foreign uteubovtsev. The most popular channel on YouTube in Russia is the humorous entertainment show of Max, which uses as a decoration a veil with a tiger print.

best youtube channels
Russian-language channel with slippingfoul language, nevertheless, is known to young people - the base of Max's subscribers reaches a record millionth figure, and the number of views of its non-standard videos exceeds 600 million! Earns the author and the lead videos by commenting and ridiculing ridiculous videos that abound in the Internet. The amount of his income is not disclosed, but according to approximate data varies from 10 to 30 thousand dollars a month.

Roma Acorn

Scandalously famous youngest blogger Runet- 18-year-old Roma Acorn and his channel RomaAcorn on YouTube is very popular among teenagers. On the Internet, he is often called the "Russian Justin Bieber." The Acorn Show is basically a snippet of his life and travels in the genre of web shows. The number of views of his videos has exceeded 80 million, the number of subscribers reaches 700 thousand.

popular channels on youtube
Roma's wide popularity is also explained by hisattractive appearance, although the success brings the young man a lot of problems - Acorn more than once beaten, and also called a representative of non-traditional orientation. The income of Roma Acorn at the moment is more than one thousand dollars a month.

Drug addict Pavlik

Completes the "Best YouTube Channels" categoryThe less popular channel is Pavel Radontsev from Samara. Videos of Pavlik Narcomana describe funny stories from the life of young people, include sketches about using drugs using profanity. Despite the fairly flat humor and nasal voice of the protagonist, the channel can boast of multi-million views and an army of subscribers.

The most popular YouTube channel is not onlycomedy sketches, but also cognitive clips about various spheres of life. They also reach million views, and their authors earn decent money.

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