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Algorithm Kovaleva: description, essence, features and reviews

Kovalev's algorithm is extremely populartoday on the Internet a service that offers anyone who wants to make money on binary options. His main ideological inspirers are Denis Korolev and Maxim Nikitin. They are also developers. Now on the Internet, you can find many ways and strategies for earning on options. What is different about this and is it really so profitable?

Innovative approach

Kovalev's algorithm

First of all, developers of Kovalev's algorithm suggest using an innovative approach in trading binary options. According to them, he is able to turn ideas about modern earnings.

Also worth noting that on the Internet there are two similar algorithms - Kovaleva and Korolev. In fact, they use identical methods of earning.

Developers algorithm Kovalev in the recentthe past worked as heads of one of the largest IT companies. At some point they were tired of working for someone, and they decided to create their own business. The result was a miracle program that knows how to make profit on binary options.

By and large we are talking about a robot that is able to independently conclude transactions in the market. The trader can only watch closely how his deposit grows.

Unlike most similar methods,which offer quick earnings in the foreign exchange market, Korolev and Nikitin, the creators of the algorithm Kovalev, went even further. They did not pay attention to the very subject of binary options, but focused on the speed of the computer.

The essence of the algorithm

algorithm kovaleva reviews

Let's look at this algorithm in detail. Its developers claim that between receiving the signal and processing it under normal conditions it takes 3 seconds, and even more. It's a lot. Undoubtedly, traders consider this time irretrievably lost. Any delay in trading in the foreign exchange market directly affects the final result.

In addition, in some trades, for example, wherestep - 60 seconds, this delay can be critical. At the same time, the higher the process of completing futures contracts, the less the result depends on the delay. In this case, according to the developers, to analyze the situation using a computer is not possible. Allegedly, they are too slow for this. Therefore, a special program is needed, which will be able to unite all the capacities, due to which it will be possible to obtain a competent analyst. So the delay will disappear.

At least, so say the creators of the algorithm Oleg Kovalev. Reviews, which are devoted to this way of earning, argue that it is simply impossible to understand how everything happens in practice.

What is the project?

algorithm of Oleg Kovalev reviews

In order to attract as much as possibleusers, on the main page there is a presentation video. It explains in detail the whole essence of this method, which we have already briefly attempted to talk about.

The uniqueness of this project is thatit was created not by economists or financiers, who usually earn money on stock exchanges and currency markets. And programmers, people, usually far from all this.

Statistical data

Algorithm of Oleg Kovalev

Let's pay attention to the Kovalev algorithm itself, which is reviewed in this article. By and large it is a signal service that knows how to make deals and successfully does it.

The only thing that confuses in this whole scheme -this is that in such cases, statistics are always given, which confirm that the earnings program that we are offered is actually working. In the usual case, statistics would be open. After all, according to the developers, in just a year or so they earned almost two million dollars on binary options, why not boast of such successes?

However, in practice, the statistics on the site looksvery poorly. This is just a text file, which lists the names of project participants, investments, currency pairs and final results. All this is not tied to the platform of the broker.

Way to Wealth

Kovalev algorithm

The program "Algorithm Kovalev" (reviews about it, by the way, can be found and very positive) is presented as a sure way to earn millions.

And for this you do not need not only to strain, but even to know about it. At least, so the authors of the algorithm Oleg Kovalev say. In the reviews it is noted that this is a completely fantastic story. That is, the computer had to work more than a year without stopping, while its owners did not even suspect that day by day they became richer.

It is because of such inconsistencies that many believe that Oleg Kovalev's algorithm is nothing more than a scam.

Registration with a broker

program algorithm kovaleva reviews

Another important point, which is worthTo stop to understand whether this really works is registration with the broker. Doubtful is the fact that we can get the program at our disposal only if we register at a certain site. It would seem that such a program should work equally well in any currency markets.

In addition, to gain access to the programIt is necessary to provide only new registration data made on a particular site. To demonstrate how the Kovalev algorithm works successfully, the program runs on one platform, while its developer urges us to play on a completely different one. Agree, the confusing situation. The main reason why this happens is not explained.

Do not forget to mention that both recommendedthe sites are not the most reliable for trading in foreign exchange markets. Moreover, the very fact of the simultaneous withdrawal of almost two million dollars from the account of one of the brokers of binary options raises serious doubts. And especially the fact that the organizers of the sites will be able to rotate such numbers to users over and over again.

User Reviews

Algorithm Kovaleva, reviewed aboutin this article, support many users. However, there are serious suspicions that these are not real users, but ordinary bots or those who write such comments on the order.

At the same time, a large number ofreviews in which developers are directly accused of dishonesty and fraud. At the same time, it is worth acknowledging that most of the comments are confusing, limited only to the most general phrases. There are hundreds of such reviews on the Internet, but there are practically no practical, detailed and sensible remarks about how people used this algorithm.

Thus, it can be safely concluded thatKovalev's algorithm has very little in common with the current, working strategy for making real money on binary options. All this is more like an uncomplicated scam. </ span </ p>

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