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Teleshopping Shop & Show: employee feedback on work

Find a good, conscientious employer is notas simple as it seems. Today it is necessary to find out which Shop & Show employee feedback receives. What kind of firm is this? What does she do? And how conscientious is the employer really? Understand these questions will help the views of employees about the boss. Only they are able to reflect facts unknown to anyone prior to employment.


Shop & Show employee feedback on the work gets varied. Some applicants do not know what company they are talking about. What is Shop & Show?

shop show employee feedback

It's nothing more than a TV shop. With the help of it you can order a variety of things and decorations. In Shop & Show you can find everything for the house and for the family. A kind of analogue of "AliExpress" in Russia. Every year the popularity of this organization is growing. And the company begins to recruit more and more workers. But is it worth it to find a job here?


Company Shop & Show employee feedback receivesambiguous. Many job seekers and subordinates say that before the conclusion of the employment contract, promising employees promise a variety of bright prospects. And they attract.

What does the employer promise? Most often, the workers give the following points as an example:

  • official employment;
  • work in a friendly team;
  • social guarantees;
  • career;
  • experience in a developing corporation;
  • high pay;
  • free education.

All listed components are standardpromises of all employers. Therefore, they please only inexperienced, novice staff. Does Shop & Show provide all of the above guarantees after employment? Or in something there is a trick?

shop show employee feedback on work

The essence of the work

Shop & Show employee feedback on workearns different types. Among them, one can find both positive and negative opinions. The fact is that subordinates here have to perform primarily one function - to sell. In addition, we have to advise doubting customers.

Some subordinates are not the best waytalk about the activities of Shop & Show and the essence of the proposed work. Some employees emphasize that people are simply "trained" for sales. And this activity is not suitable for everyone. This will have to be remembered. If there is no talent or predisposition to sales, it is better not to have business with the corporation.


Shop & Show (teleshopping)Positive receives for the organization of interviews. True, most of the views look like a pattern: the subordinates say that the premises were pleased. They are dry, light and clean. The situation is calm, just what is lacking at the interview!

shop show teleshop staff reviews

The recruitment managers will study the competitor's resume, will be asked to fill out the questionnaire of the established sample, and then they will conduct a personal interview. During it you can clarify all the features of employment.

Some workers emphasize that managersbegin to talk about all the benefits of working in the Shop & Show. And they will promise a lot. Some subordinates call HR managers fraudsters. After all, not everything about what they say will turn out to be true in practice. What should potential employees pay attention to?

About employment

In the Shop & Show there is indeed an officialemployment. But not all subordinates will be able to work this way. Some employees do not give the best reviews about their employer. They accuse him of fraud.

And all this is due to the fact that Shop & Show is not with everyoneconcludes an employment contract. According to some opinions, only a certain circle of persons in the corporation works officially. All the rest are hired labor.

At the same time, someone assures us thatShop & Show all work in an official order. Not immediately, but only after a little internship. But the fact remains that - only subordinates work officially.

work in shop show employee feedback

There is no evidence of any positiveopinions, or negative. Therefore, it is impossible to say with certainty what to believe. Shop & Show has been working for a long time. Accordingly, one can rely on the integrity of the corporation.


What does Shop & Show employee feedback receive? Moscow is a city where many people try to build a career. Is it possible to do this with the studied organization?

Yes. But to implement the idea in life will really work. Without hard work, success will not come about. It is because of this that many say that Shop & Show is not a place to build a career. And in this light, the organization is considered most often.

Professional Development

But we can say with confidence that the studiedThe employer is an excellent place for honing skills in the field of sales. Simply by doing their job, the subordinate learns to sell the goods to one or another product.

But on this the bulk of development is coming to an end. Trainings and a variety of courses in the Shop & Show are held, but not too often. Therefore, hope for them is not particularly worth it.

Working team

Work in Shop & Show employee feedback is goodgets for the people who work here. Numerous opinions emphasize that the working collective in the corporation is mostly pleased. All energetic, friendly and friendly. You can always rely on your colleagues. Sociable people come to the Shop & Show and have a rest.

shop show staff reviews moscow

Unfriendly shots in Shop & Show are rare. Such people do not stay with the employer for a long time. This should be remembered.


Now it is clear what Shop & Show reviewsemployees. On Volgogradsky Prospekt or on any other street there is a branch of the organization - it's not so important. The main thing is that it is not easy to draw conclusions about the conscientiousness of the corporation.

Guide in Shop & Show is not getting the bestemployee feedback. Chiefs leave opinions as people who are cruel, unjust, do not consider employees for people. Similar claims arise in relation to most employers. Only a small number of people say that the Shop & Show is kind and understanding leaders.

In reality, the TV shop simply requires discipline from all its subordinates. With conscientious workers, leaders will always find a common language. Only this is a huge rarity.

shop show employee reviews on Volgograd Avenue

About salaries

Negative Shop & Show employee feedbackearns for the level of salaries offered. Almost all employees emphasize the low salary. And this is in spite of the fact that they promise a good profit at the interview.

In reality, the earnings consist ofsalary, as well as% of sales. It is at the expense of the second component that a decent salary is promised. Accordingly, the prospects for obtaining a high salary are, but it is practically impossible to implement them. If you believe some opinions, then honestly earned money is often detained in the Shop & Show.

Sometimes there are reviews, indicating that,that the organization really adequately pays for the work of its subordinates, and also does not delay the settlement hour. But this is a huge rarity. Most often, as already mentioned, Shop & Show does not get the best opinions.


Shop & Show is far from being the best company-employer. Many employees are unhappy with employment, but they still continue to perform their duties.

The company being studied is often described by employeesas a fraudulent corporation or just deceivers. There is no real confirmation that Shop & Show is acting in bad faith. Therefore, it remains to be seen how true the comments left by the subordinates are.

company shop show employee feedback

To work in Shop & Show it is recommended to peoplehardworking, stress-resistant. The rest are unlikely to succeed at this employer. Shop & Show is not the worst place for employment. But it can not be called ideal. Often an organization can be found in employers' blacklists. To be afraid of this phenomenon is not necessary. Suffice it to say that Shop & Show has some shortcomings that employees consider relevant.

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