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Find out what they are looking for on the Internet most often

So, today we will talk with you about what they are looking foron the Internet users most often. The point is that the search traffic depends on the attendance of those or other sites. And this, in turn, affects the income and popularity of the owner of the page. Therefore, it is so important to know what is often searched on the Internet. Let's try to understand this complicated matter.


Well, the first thing that can get into ourstatistics - a variety of guides and guides to computer games. Which it is difficult to judge. True, there is one category that is capable of somehow introducing certainty into this issue. It's about online.

what are they looking for on the Internet

Guides, guides and precise instructions for pumpingheroes in online games - this is what many users are looking for on the Internet. Especially the younger generation, which literally grew up among computers and the World Wide Web. For search there is even a special program. Search the Internet for anything, and it helps to find almost any information. What is the name of this application? "Personal Search Center". But let's see what other users are trying to find on the World Wide Web.

Answers on questions

What are they looking for on the Internet? Statistics show that quite often many users ask absurd questions for search engines, to which they want to find an answer. Something like: "How to protect yourself from ghouls, why cows moo? How to become a mermaid?" and so on.

All this can be defined in one word - nonsense. This category, as a rule, makes the majority of search requests. Fortunately, not everything is as sad as it might seem at first glance. Quite often, users also look for answers to normal questions. In other words, they are waiting for advice and guidance from knowledgeable people.

that are more often searched on the Internet

A variety of blogs where you can askThe thematic issue is quite popular services. Especially if they are childish. Thus, on the World Wide Web, you can ask advice or read other people's instructions. But what are they looking for on the Internet other than this? Let's continue to understand this matter.


Now we need to think about what else we could forget. In the World Wide Web, as already mentioned, you can find anything. Including a variety of recipes. This category attracts the majority of users. In particular, the female half of the population.

In Russia there are a lot of housewives. What should they do at home, when the children are laid to sleep, the house is cleaned, everything is washed, but there is nothing to cook for dinner? Just no ideas. Of course, climb on the Internet and see what would be so delicious cooked. Preference is given to photorecepts, which are accompanied by a step-by-step instruction describing all possible "pitfalls".

program to search on the Internet

True, this is not all that users are looking for on the Internet. There is another category of search that takes a huge share among all the others. Let's get acquainted with her as soon as possible.


What have we completely forgotten? Of course, about entertainment! Many users want to find them. If you introduce a little specifics, then we are talking about multimedia.

The modern Internet is a sea of ​​possibilities. Here, people try to download everything you can: games, movies, music, videos and so on. Everything they do not want to pay in real life. Just here is such a free "profit" and I want everyone.

Can anyone imagine the Internet, where for anymovie will have to pay money? Hardly. And now imagine a situation in which we will have to pay for downloading absolutely all files. Probably, then the meaning of the Internet will be lost. So, it can be said that people search the World Wide Web for something that is inaccessible to them in reality.

what are they looking for in the Internet statistics

If you decide to create a site for a specificsubjects and that is why they became interested in statistics of search engines, then better give preference to computer games, films, recipes or manuals. They are able to bring you rapid popularity.

Video reviews

But there is another, relatively newcategory of search queries, which is developing at an active pace. It's about different video reviews. In them, as a rule, people talk about different games and subjects.

The most popular in such "guides"become computer toys. Probably, all this is because there are a lot of them. And how to choose the right game for a fun evening? Just see what it is! If you look at the statistics, you will see that users prefer indie games, quests and cooperative applications. So, now you know the real leaders in search queries.

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