/ How to track a parcel with eBay? Feedback about the delivery. How to track purchases on eBay?

How to track a parcel with eBay? Feedback about the delivery. How to track purchases on eBay?

A place where you can find almost everything andattractive price, - the largest online auction eBay. Here there are sellers and buyers from around the world, and made purchases are sent to different corners of the world. This site works both as an auction and as a regular online store where you can buy goods at a fixed price. On the latter it is necessary to say separately - at times it is really ridiculous sums for rather high-quality things, although everything happens. In any case, if you are a shopaholic, then not looking at eBay will be a crime! However, despite the obvious advantages of making purchases in this store-auction, many of our compatriots are still hesitant to make their first order. And why? Because the myths have heard that the goods do not go to Russia, or things simply do not reach their destination, they are delayed for several months, etc. Listen, it's not so difficult. Rather, on the contrary, it is very simple and convenient. Not for nothing that the services of this online auction are used by people around the world. In order to dispel your doubts and help you to understand, we will tell you how the delivery takes place, and how to track the parcel from eBay sent to you by the seller from the other side of the world.

how to track a parcel with ebay

Selecting the product and getting information about the seller

You visited an online store or auction on eBay. In order to sort products by the way they are purchased, use the special search functions by selecting only "buy it now" or "auction". Next to the description of the chosen item, you will see information about the seller, his rating, the delivery method, as well as the price, including delivery, or information that it is free of charge (as is usually the case with sellers from Asia).

Seller feedback - guarantee of successful delivery

After you have chosen the thing you liked, do nothurry to buy it. Now, if you want to protect yourself, read on eBay reviews about the delivery of things purchased from a person whose product you are interested in. They are an integral part of the work of the entire auction and are very important for its participants. If the seller collects a few negative reviews, he simply will not buy anything. It's clear. If there are many positive assessments, then this is a signal of reliability: you can not worry that with delivery or the thing itself something will be wrong. Thus, eBay is a self-regulating system, and fraudsters or unscrupulous participants can hardly be found here. If everything suits you, then you buy a thing by contacting the seller in advance. Depending on how the sale of a particular product is carried out, the method of payment is chosen: immediately or after the auction ends at the last price displayed. Payment is through PayPal.

how to track the goods on ebay

Options for delivery of goods with eBay

How can the goods be dispatched,purchased from the eBay store? Delivery depends, first of all, on what type of purchase you have chosen - directly from the seller or through an intermediary. Pros and cons are in every case. In the last obvious drawback is the final cost of the goods, which can significantly increase with the use of intermediary services. This option should be selected if the seller does not deliver to Russia (for example, sells only by US). In all other cases, there is no sense to resort to the help of an intermediary.

Delivery without the ability to track the parcel

The page for the selected product contains informationabout how the delivery takes place. Some sellers choose the cheapest option, in which the parcel will not be tracked. Usually it's free shipping on eBay (it's also very slow). If possible, it is better to refuse such a deal, or be prepared to remain in ignorance until the parcel reaches your post office at last. This option is suitable for cheap orders, money for which you will not feel sorry for will lose in the event of something unforeseen.

ebay delivery

Tracking of parcels going by different delivery services

Most sellers on eBay are Americans, forthat our citizens are so fond of this service. Things from America are usually very high quality, even at low cost, such not found in online stores in China or Korea. So, these sellers, as a rule, stop at delivery through the USPS. This is the state mail of the United States, known as a very reliable and well-functioning organization. Before the border with Russia, your parcel is delivered by its forces. And it is carried out in the shortest time - from 2-3 to 5-7 days a maximum (but this is rare). How to track a parcel with eBay while your product is on the territory of America? You can do this directly on the website of the American Postal Service.

Tracking the parcel after passing the border

Then the parcel is delayed at the border, wherepasses the customs control. Goods sent by the USPS are generally not specifically checked (as opposed to commercial services). Then the case is taken by the Post of Russia, which can "mess with" your parcel from a week to two or three. Where to track the parcel with eBay after passing the border? You will be able to watch current data about everything that is happening with your order on the Russian mail site.

The fact is that often in the information about the productthe seller specifies only the final delivery service, so buyers can not find their parcel until it leaves the US land (or another foreign country). In this regard, the delivery indicated on eBay should not mislead you and even more make you worry if the product is not found on the specified service, and the seller claims that he sent it.

ebay delivery feedback

Parcels sent by express service

Above we talked about public servicesdelivery. Their indisputable advantage is cheapness and greater trust from the customs (they are checked rarely and very quickly). However, waiting time, they lose commercial. Therefore, many prefer to use courier services. This is all known by EMS, DHL, UPS and others. The order will be delivered in a short time and right to your door. Of course, the cost in this case is slightly higher, but for someone more important is the time. So, if the Post of Russia order with eBay will go weeks 3-4, then when using EMS it will arrive weeks for 2. In addition, each parcel is automatically insured (approximately $ 100).

How to track an order with eBay if you choosecourier delivery? Very simple. All information will be available on the website of your service (EMS or any other). In addition, there are special resources that provide services for tracking mail items, regardless of which delivery method has been chosen.

Special services for tracking parcels

There are special resources designed to facilitate the task of tracking orders sent by mail. There are a lot of them, but the most popular ones are as follows:

  • PostTracker;
  • TrackitOnline;
  • "Where is the parcel";
  • "Somewhere Goes";
  • "My package".

You can register on one of the following:mentioned resources and receive email updates on the movement of your package. There are also special applications for the computer and smartphones that perform the same functions. For example, a handy program for Windows - Track Checker. In order to use these services or the official resources discussed above, you need to know one very important detail - the track number of your package. Let's talk about it further.

 where to track the parcel with ebay

How to track delivery from eBay using track numbers?

Track number is a unique postal service.identifier, which is assigned to each sending at the time of its sending. He will be able to answer you on the question of how to track the goods on eBay after its purchase. This number gives the buyer information about all the stages of the movement of his order.

Find a track number on the eBay website in yourpersonal cabinet. It will be listed next to the photo of the paid and sent goods in the "My eBay" tab. If you can not find it, or there is a dash in the corresponding column, then there may be several reasons for this:

  • this type of departure does not provide for the possibility of tracking the parcel (cheap delivery);
  • your purchase is not yet poisoned;
  • the order was sent, but for information on it you need to contact the seller (perhaps he just did not indicate this information).

If the corresponding number you received, then make sure that it meets the international format. This is necessary in order to be able to track the parcel.

Track number in international format

The track number must have the following form (in the indicated order):

  • two capital letters (indicate the type of post office);
  • nine digits (the first eight are unique number of departure, the ninth - the verification code);
  • two capital letters (sending country).

For non-registered international postalSendings weighing not more than 2 kg are labeled LA-LZ, for registered - RA-RZ. If the weight exceeds 2 kg, then CA-CZ. If the package is issued by express mail, then EA-EZ. The parcels sent by express delivery can have their own international track numbers, which are tracked along the entire order path regardless of the territory on which it is located.

If the specified track number failstrack a package on any of the services discussed above, then, most likely, it is not yet registered in the mail services. Wait a few days, then contact the seller to find out the circumstances.

how to track an order with ebay

Tracking orders issued through intermediaries

As we have already mentioned, to make purchases oneBay you can use the services of intermediaries. This is convenient when the seller does not deliver to Russia or if it is necessary to form a parcel from goods purchased in different places. At the same time, you can choose one of the proposed delivery options yourself (rather than agree to the one that the seller installed). After paying for the goods, two letters will come to your e-mail address: the first about making a purchase on eBay, the second - about delivering it to the warehouse of the chosen intermediary (it will arrive later, up to 24 hours from the moment of payment). How to track the purchase on eBay, committed through an intermediary? There are two options.

On the eBay website

It is important to note that in the case of buying fromUsing the intermediary services in the "Delivery address" field on eBay, you specify not your home address but received from your reseller. So how exactly will the seller send the order. First, you need to know how to track the goods on eBay. In the personal account there is information about the status of your order. If you received a "Order update" letter, then your package was sent by the seller and sent to the warehouse. Even at this stage you can trace its movement using the "Go to Order Details" function. In the order details you will see a blue number for tracking the parcel. Clicking on it, you will get information about where the order is located, and what happens to it.

On the website of the intermediary company

Since the seller sends the goods to the intermediary,you can learn about his further fate from the latter. For example, for intermediary services, you have chosen Shopfans. Go to her site, enter your login information and enter your personal account. There is an "Orders" tab where you need to register your purchase. To do this, enter:

  • seller name - eBay: name;
  • the order number in the store itself is the lot number on eBay;
  • The tracking number is the one that appears in your office on the eBay website.

Click "Add" to save the information.about the order. Now you can see when the goods come to the warehouse of your intermediary. After that, you either send it to your address, or combine it with other orders made and only after that give the order for delivery. Here, in your office, you will be able to see the status of your parcel (sent, where it is, delivered). Now you know how to track the parcel with eBay, issued through an intermediary.

 how to track delivery from ebay


If you still did not dare to make your ownfirst purchase on eBay, then after reading this article all doubts should be undone. We disassembled questions about how delivery from this online auction can be carried out, and how to track the parcel from eBay sent in various ways. In addition, options were considered to purchase goods directly from the seller or through an intermediary, as well as the associated ways of delivering and tracking the order. Now you know how important eBay reviews are - about delivery, about the product itself and other nuances of the particular vendor's work. Often they are the guarantor that your parcel will be all right, and it will come in good condition within a reasonable time. Enjoy the shopping!

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