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Allencuestas.com: reviews and ratings

Today we will discuss the possibilities of the projectAllencuestas.com, reviews about it and features. It is a question of the Hispanic questionnaire, which some time ago was actively advertised in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Speaking about Allencuestas.com, the reviews can be misleading, because, after analyzing the resource, we can say with all confidence that we are facing a fraudulent project.


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You can get to the home page by going toaddress http.allencuestas.com. It should be said that this "cat in a sack" is not the first. The fact is that Allencuestas.com has received mostly negative reviews, and first of all the indignant users who still remember the similar in design Italian "questionnaire" - italricerche.com, at one time also actively advertised and promised "golden mountains". However, soon he disappeared without a trace from the Internet, and without paying money to any person. Let's note one more feature: both these resources are located on a similar IP-address, which is based in Germany.


Many users in their reviews alsonoted that the support of the site simply does not want to answer the letters. If you look at Italian-language forums, the opinions there are not very different, as the local community believes that it is a fraudulent design that was created to spread spam. If you objectively assess the conditions, it should be recognized that charging several hundred euros daily is simply unrealistic: in this case, all European countries would have to work only on this project (given the number of users). Some Internet visitors assume that the site was created to collect personal data of users in order to use this information in future for various unseemly purposes. Thus, very many people do not recommend joining the project.


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According to the latest information about Allencuestas.com, reviews of most users hit the mark, as the site was closed. However, no one has received the promised reward for the work. Must warn that immediately after the disappearance of the described portal appeared its design copy at all-encuestas.com. Currently, there is an active promotion of this scam on the territory of the CIS. Be careful and do not join dubious projects!

That's all the information we wantedshare within this material. Remember that fraudulent projects of this kind are much more than honest. We hope, thanks to this article, you can save your time and nerves.

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