/ How can I find out the PayPal account number for payment confirmation or money refund?

How do I find out the PayPal account number for payment confirmation or refund?

Created in the far 90s of the last centuryThe electronic payment service PayPal is very popular in Russia today. For Russian-speaking users, this system became available in a convenient form only in 2011, when the opportunity to bind your account to bank cards of Russian banks was added, and in 2013 the Russian currency was added-rubles. If with registration more or less everything is clear, then the question of how to find out the account number of PayPal, worries many users of this payment system. These data are often needed to pay for purchases in foreign online stores or at a popular Ebay auction.

how to find out the account number paypal

The main services that PayPal provides

  • Transfer of payment (Send Money). This means that a registered user has the right to transfer funds from his PayPal account to a bank card and a checking account.
  • Service request for payment (Money Request). This is a function of sending debtors the demand to repay the debt.
  • There is an opportunity on the personal Web-site of the user to place tools with which you can set up the receipt of payments (Web Tools). Actual for online stores.
  • Availability of tools intended for trading in auction mode (Auction Tools).

How do I find out the PayPal account number and when do I need it?

how to find out your account number in paypal

This payment system is very advantageous forpurchase of goods in foreign online stores. Often the buyer, making purchases, does not pay additional commissions, they are paid by the seller himself. Sometimes it happens that the online store can request payment information. How can I find out my PayPal account number in order to send it to the seller for payment confirmation?

This electronic system is not like WebMoney or the like. There are no electronic purse numbers in the PayPal system. The service identifies users to an email address.

During registration in the electronic systemPayPal, like in many services, specifies the address of personal e-mail. It is not only necessary if you confirm the account, receive different mailings and restore access to the page, but it is also the main payment identifier - PayPal ID.

And it turns out that the usual for the majoritythere is no account number in this electronic system. Instead, it operates the email address that the user specified when registering with the service. Therefore, if the online store requires payment details to confirm payment or return money for the unsent goods, the user should not have an issue about how to find out his account number on PayPal, he just needs to specify an email address.

How to secure your finances?

how to find out your account number on paypal

In order not to worry about your moneymeans, system experts recommend to establish an electronic box on the conditions of modern security service. To come up with a rather complicated password for both the created account in the system PayPal, and for the electronic box. A prerequisite is that the passwords from these services must be different.

Some users who do not know how tofind out the account number of PayPal, consider that the combination of numbers on the bank card linked to the account is an ID. But this is not so, and of course, it is forbidden to tell these numbers to unauthorized persons. PayPal specialists are concerned about the permanent security of payment transactions, therefore card numbers from which money is written off are protected especially, as well as payments that pass through a secure connection.

If any seller other than the account number inthe PayPal system (that is, the e-mail address) requires other data, such as the number of the user's bank card, the period of its validity, or CVC / CVV-code - you know, it's a fraudster. An honest seller is enough PayPal ID. For the essence of the most electronic PayPal system is not to transfer any additional data, except for the e-mail address.


Many foreign online stores are not alwaysrequire a personal PayPal ID. For example, eBay offers to pay transactions with it directly from a personal cabinet. Then the question of how to find out the account number of PayPal, disappears by itself.

If the store works with this payment system,then, adding goods to the shopping cart, you can see the appeared button "Pay through PayPal". After that, the site will offer to enter your account and make a payment.

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