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How to invite friends "In Contact" - all the secrets of your favorite site

"VKontakte" - one of the most popular socialnetworks in RuNet. Here people disappear for days and nights, share their opinions, create communities, work, get acquainted, play and even marry. Many people are interested in how to circumvent site restrictions or, in other words, how to use all the VKontakte features.

How to invite friends to a contact

How to invite friends "In Contact"

Previously, there was a complete "raspberry" - went to the mainpage of the site, registered and use the page. Now this is impossible, and the only way to register "VKontakte" is an invitation from a friend.

How to invite friends "In Contact" - instruction

So, you have a friend who wants toregister on the site. You can help him in this or he will have to look for another friend for this purpose. To do this, go to your "Friends" section. There you will see a button in the upper right corner called "Invite a friend." Click on it and fill in the required form.

How to invite friends "In Contact" - the necessary information

To send an invitation, you need to know:

  • A friend's phone *.

  • Name*.

  • Surname *.

  • Information about the school.

  • Information about the university.

  • Basic information about a friend.

Asterisks indicate the required fields. The other three sections are created for those who do not really understand all kinds of interfaces. You can find out from a friend his data and independently enter them before the invitation, helping a friend to start using the page faster. Thus, the invited person can go to his page, upload only his image and start communicating. Otherwise, in order to start, he will have to fill in these fields himself.

Invitation to a group in contact
How to invite friends to "Contact": more information

So, if you still have to enter the information yourself of a friend, then learn from him:

  • Date of birth.

  • Country of residence.

  • City.

  • In which country and city he studied.

  • № of the school.

  • In which country does he study at the university.

  • The city where the university is located.

  • Name.

  • Faculty.

  • The chair.

  • Form of training.

  • Current status.

  • Date of issue.

Invitation to the "VKontakte" group

The communities on this site are not onlya good place for communication, but also an excellent advertising platform for promoting anything. It does not matter whether you want to propiate yourself, the product or the company, but with skilful Internet marketing you can achieve good results. Many are interested in the question of how to overcome the limit of 40 people by invitation to the group. At the moment, nothing else was invented, except how to register several lime accounts and send out invitations from them. The only convenience that users of VKontakte have noticed is that when you open your lime page on another tab, you do not need to close the one with which you have already sent 40 invitations. Once you enter another account, try clicking again on the last friend's button, which ends your 40 invitations - the request will be sent. Thus, you can continue to invite friends in order, staying on one page, but logging in from another account.

All secrets in contact
All secrets of "In Touch"

In order to learn more about the featuressotsseti "VKontakte", was created many sites on this topic. One is called "All secrets in contact." On such resources you can wander with profit and learn all sorts of wisdom and chips that will facilitate your virtual life and save time.

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