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Answers to the question on how to make a poll in "Contact"

To date, the modern way of exchangeinformation is communication in social networks. Users are happy to use the functions of their page in order to please their subscribers and friends with interesting news, share ideas, get information, participate in discussions.

how to poll in contact
How to make a poll

"In contact" - a social network thatprovides an opportunity for its users to create polls, vote on a personal wall or community. This way you can find out the opinion of friends and subscribers, as well as guests of your page. Since the social networking interface is constantly updated to improve options, and to make communication even more exciting, not everyone knows how to do the poll in "Contact". Let's try to understand and gradually perform all the functions for the successful addition of additional elements to the wall. Open your account. Place the cursor in the text input field on the wall. On the right is the "Attach" button. It allows you to choose the category of the published material: photo, video or audio file. But how to make a poll? In "Contact" have added several items to make your wall look like microblogging.

how to make a poll in a contact
If you open the list further by moving the cursormouse to the item "Other", then you will see a complete list of everything that can be placed on its wall. Here you will find the item that allows you to make a survey. Click on the button of the same name and think now on the topic.

Which survey to make

In "Contact" created a specific form forcompiling a survey. It includes the topic and options for an answer. Polling or voting can be done anonymously or openly. To do this, press the corresponding button. Choose the topic for the survey based on the information that interests you. However, note also that it should be interesting and attract attention. In order to get what you want, it's not enough to know how to make a poll in "Contact", it is also necessary to understand what users of the social network are interested in, which is relevant for them at the moment.

what survey to do in contact
If you consider all these points, then with the help ofThis element on the wall can learn the tastes and preferences of your friends, subscribers and visitors to the page. This type of publication is well influenced by the rating of communities. If you add a survey to the discussion and place it on the page, this move will revitalize the content of the wall and attract the attention of new subscribers. Owners of groups and communities can choose topics based on the basic idea of ​​creating this resource. Such communication with his audience will show the creator's interest in the opinion of the readers that he will positively play on his reputation and add more comments and likes.

With the question of how to make a poll in "Contact",figured out. Technically, this is not difficult. The main objective of this service is a creative approach to your business, as well as the setting of certain goals. If you really know what you want to get by creating a survey, then the result will be positive.

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