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Roller-pen - modern perfection

Since the days of the wild tribes, people have recorded. The savages scratched the coals on the walls of the caves. Then they were drawn with pointed sticks on the bark of trees. Civilization is developing - writing is also developing.

Basic types of pens

In the modern world everyone writes without exception,from the age of 7, or even earlier. And what now only is not present: pencils, felt-tip pens, markers, wax crayons ... And the central place is occupied by its majesty "queen" the handle. And it is just as diverse. You will meet her in several kinds (types). They differ in writing node and are divided into:

  • ball;
  • feather;
  • capillary.

Roller handle

In the fountain pen, the writing node is a pen. For modern pen pens inkwells do not. For them, the newest cartridges are provided. But there are also ink-filled pens. This is up to you.

In the ballpoint pen, the writing unit is a tubeconical or needle shaped, in which there is a ball (roller) of hard metal or ceramics. Ball-point pens include a gel pen and a roller handle.

A distinctive feature of the latter type of handles inthe ink supply system - it is capillary. Thanks to this, the rod is easy to write, on paper there remains a beautiful and smooth pattern. But if you stay long at a point, it will fade. There are 3 types of capillary pens:

  • liner;
  • isograph;
  • Rapidograph.

And what is a roller pen?

Handle the roller - this is the best kind of ballpens. Its feature is that the ball is narrower. Water-based inks are less viscous. Therefore, the line on the paper is more smooth and clear. This pen practically writes itself, it does not require a strong pressure on the paper during the writing. Also these pens have a more economical ink consumption, and it is from 3000 to 10 000 m.

rod for roller knob

Advantages of the pen-roller

The handle-roller leaves practically the same trace,as well as a feather. And, as everyone knows, the pen writes very beautifully. But over time it can start scratching paper (even the most expensive model). Roller will not do this.

If you run out of ink in the fountain pen andyou do not use replaceable cartridges, then refilling such a handle is a whole process. And the ink runs out at the most inopportune moment. And in the roller-handle, replaceable rods.

The rod for the handle-roller is made ofmetal or polymer (plastics). The quality of the ink is not affected by both materials. The process of replacing the rod is not more difficult than that of a conventional ballpoint pen. I opened it, put it away empty, put a new one, closed it. Ready for work!

There are a huge number of manufacturersstationery. They can be divided into 3 classes: economy class, business class and premium class. Consider the products of the three companies in class: Pilot (expensive economy), Zebra (average price policy business class) and Parker (premium).

pen scooter pilot

Handles of the company Pilot

Pilot is a large, international, itexists in the market of office supplies for more than 100 years. Its regional offices were opened in the 50s around the world. In 1991, Pilot came to Russia. In the Pilot line, the roller handle is presented in the Frixion series.

BL-FRP5 Frixion point - new handle of the Pilot rollerfrom this series. A neat and light letter with this pen will give you pleasure. Ink does not spread over the paper, it dries quickly. The writing node is needle-shaped. The diameter of the rod is 0.5 mm, the line thickness is 0.25. The color of the case corresponds to the color of the ink. The interchangeable rod.

BL-FRO7 Frixion PRO - a unique handle-roller Pilot from the "write-erase" class. In general, there are 2 types of handles "write-erase".

The peculiarity of the first is thatSpecial ink is erased with an ordinary eraser from the top layer of paper. But there is a significant drawback: ink is sometimes absorbed into the paper deeply and it is impossible to remove the written.

The second principle of erasure is a special "white", neutralizing the ink with which the record was made. The drawback is that it's impossible to make a new one on the erased record.

Pilot two years developed the handle of the scooter"Write-erase." They chose a new way: their ink disappears, or rather, discolored under the influence of temperature. This is also done with an elastic band at the end of the handle. Rub - and the ink will disappear. You can do this many times. But there is one more focus at this handle. Record, erase and then cool the paper. For example, in the refrigerator, below -18 degrees Celsius. The recording will reappear. General characteristics of such pens: the diameter of the ball is 0.7, the thickness of the line is 0.35, the color of the case is black, and the ink is of 3 colors. There is a replaceable rod.

Handles BL-FR-7 Frixion ball belong to the series"Write-erase." They also have a discoloring special rubber band. But their difference from the previous series is that there are more colors of ink here. General characteristics are the same, except for the color of the case: it corresponds to the color of the ink.

zebra roller handle

Zebra handle

Zebra Pen Corporation was founded asan independent company in the US in 1982. But the history of this brand began even earlier, in 1914, with the company Zebra Co. Ltd. Its founder was Mr. Ishikawa. His firm was in step with the times and in 1917 was the first to use a pump for ink pens. In 1957, the company's employees first developed a ballpoint pen. And, of course, such an invention, like a roller handle, did not pass by this company.

The handle-roller Zebra is of high quality and the corresponding price. That's why they can be safely attributed to the category of business class.

The company has several lines of skaters. Zeb-Roller DX5 and DX7 have needle-shaped and arrow-like writing nodes, respectively. The thickness of the line in the Zeb-Roller DX5 is 0.5 mm, and in the Zeb-Roller DX7 - 0,7 mm. The letter is light, the ink does not blur, you can even write upside down. The expense of ink the roller the handle has reduced to supereconomical.

Zebra has a unique Zebra pencitil gel pen. Its feature is read in the title. In it, ink is based on gel, not water.

pen parker

Elite handle Parker

Like all the best in our world, the companyParker began with a need. George Sefford Parker, 17 years old, began working at the Telegraph School in the city of Janesville, Wisconsin. The salary he received was small, which is why he took up the extra work. Parker became an agent for the sale of fountain pens. At that time they were not of high quality. There were many complaints and refunds.

George began to repair the pens himself. And, as it turned out, he did it very well. Seeing from inside all the shortcomings of these pens, he designed his model. And already in 1889 there was the first fountain pen Parker.

Officially, the company was registered in 1892,and since then Parker - a synonym for prestige and unquestionable quality. Today, this company produces the best product of the category in question in the world. Handle the roller Parker is always in the hands of high-ranking officials and prosperous businessmen.

Since 1931, Parker has developed and released newQuink ink, which are easily washed off the hands. The writing unit will provide a neat and beautiful line in any conditions. Such a roller-pen will not let you down either in the heat or cold, and even on the run you will record in any conditions.

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