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Alexey Suvorov - photographer from Khabarovsk

Alexey Suvorov is a very talented photographer,who lives and works in the city of Khabarovsk. He also goes on shooting to the neighboring city of Vladivostok. Alexei holds photo sessions in different styles and genres: wedding, reportage, children's and family photography, portrait and stage genres, motor sport, auto-photography.

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Photographer Suvorov approaches his work with the wholesoul, and its result turns out to be really beautiful and memorable for life. Alexei is preparing for each shooting individually and taking into account all the wishes of the customer. Photosessions can take place both in the open air and in a professional photo studio using special equipment. At your desire it is possible to prepare for you a slideshow from ready photos under beautiful music.

Contacts Alexey Suvorov

The photographer has his own website inInternet, by going to which, you can fill out the feedback form. You can also contact Alexei by phone and arrange a personal meeting where you can discuss all the details of future cooperation.

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He also has several pages in popularsocial networks, where you can contact him and get acquainted with any information you are interested in. On the site of Alexei posted an employment calendar where you can book the date you want online.

Cost of work of Alexey Suvorov

There are different options for cooperation, depending on the photo session that you need.

You can agree on hourly work for small projects. The cost of such work for Alex begins at 3,500 rubles per hour.

If you are preparing a long event, it is better to order a package version of services, which will already include:

  • shooting from 5 hours;
  • photo correction of finished images;
  • recording a complete set on a disk or a USB flash drive;
  • preparation of a photo album for twenty turns.

Such a package of services will cost you at least 25,000 rubles.

Still there is a variant - to order a package "All inclusive". It includes everything that is in the previous version of services, but Alexey's work time is not limited. He will stay with you as much as you need, and also will be prepared additional folders with photos as a bonus. For this package you have to pay 60,000 rubles.

Planning work

Alexei Suvorov before each job meets with the client in person and discusses in detail with him all the nuances of the future photo session. The following important points are determined:

  • duration of work;
  • the place where the shooting will take place;
  • the genre is coordinated;
  • a plan of the whole event is drawn up.

In the work with Alexei, if necessary, you canto put the assistant, it is solved together with the customer. At the end of the photo session, the photographer conducts full processing of all the photographs with the help of technical retouching. Also in his work with the photo, Alexei resorts to the effects of color correction or exposure correction. A complete set of photos is recorded on a DVD-ROM in JPG format.

Alexey Suvorov photographer Khabarovsk
On the Internet Alexey Suvorov has a hugethe number of positive responses. This, of course, characterizes him as an excellent professional in the field of the photo industry. All this says that Alexei Suvorov - Photographer (Khabarovsk). Reviews about him and on his official website, and on the pages of social networks show his popularity, which went far beyond the hometown.

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