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A useful and necessary thing is a bookmark for books

In the age of modern information technology,Unfortunately, our children have become much less read. Increasingly, they prefer to spend their free time on social networking, computer games, listening to music and audiobooks. But in the past, especially in the Middle Ages, the book was the most important attribute of secular and religious art. In many paintings of that time very often people were drawn with an open book in their hands. And, as a compulsory addition, there has always been an exquisite bookmark for books.

tab for books

From the history of bookmarks

The first tabs appeared in the 13th century, they were made fromvelor and leather, a little later of paper and fabric. With the beginning of printing began to take care of books, therefore, mainly used fabric bookmarks, most often soft silk. They were decorated with embroidery, ribbons, strips of dense and patterned fabrics, various woven cords were also used. At that time a very practical bookmark for books was invented - a recorder that was used for multiple opening in several places. Especially it was convenient for massive medieval books. To the selected sheets were attached small pieces of dense tissue, parchment or skin, cut in the form of a loop. Outside of the rest of the pages, they divided the book into blocks. Such a bookmark for books is still very common, in particular, in the editions of the Bible. Bookmarks and recorders were made by bookbinders in the process of making books.

In the early XX century, there was a fashion for metalBookmarks that resemble a modern clip in shape. Since the late 1980s, there has been an increased interest in bookmarks, collectors' societies have been created, ballots have been issued, and regular meetings have been held. Over time, especially in the XIX century, a simple bookmark for a book becomes an object that is often given to each other, while exquisitely embroidering embroidery with texts of wishes, congratulations, prayers, etc.

Modern bookmarks serve, basically,to place advertising - from all kinds of shops and museums to toys and luxury goods. Of course, the bookmark for books made with own hands does not go out of style.

A variety of self-made bookmarks

It is not necessary to master in perfection anykind of needlework to make a bookmark. It takes a little effort - and the original thing is ready. The easiest way is to decorate a large paper clip with some decor element, for example, a knitted flower or a paper application. Here are some more options for handmade bookmarks:

  1. From paper or cardboard. Make an original application with glue or cut out of a thick paper funny figure. Bookmarks made in origami style are especially popular. Books are not damaged, the corners of the pages do not crumple. Following the detailed instructions, it is quite simple and quick to perform an interesting job.
    origami books
  2. Crocheted. Perhaps a combination of several bright colors when knitting a straight ribbon, creating floral motifs or animals on the drawn sketches.
  3. Embroidered. No matter how, by a cross or a smooth surface, such bookmarks always looked most exquisitely. It will require special care and diligence.
  4. Macrame. To make a braided lace of multi-colored thread under the power of anyone.
    bookmark for a book

All these cute little things will help to be cautioustreat books and create a cozy atmosphere for reading. After all, how nice, for example, in the autumn evening, wrapped in a blanket, open your favorite book on the right page and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of learning new.

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