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How to make a pot of tires?

Often, wondering how to decorate your garden, wethink over the scheme of the Alpine hill or other complex constructive elements. And there is a simpler solution, but not less interesting. Vases for colors from tires can be easily done by yourself, with your own hands. They will allow the garden to decorate and the trash to use. There are many different options, among which you can pick up something less complicated.

a tin of tires
The simplest version is obtained if simplyto fall asleep on the inner part of the wheel of the earth and plant flowers. Even the unpainted design will still look attractive, highlighting planted plants. And if you paint the pot of tires in a bright color or make slides of several pieces, folding them in any sequence, you get a flower bed. The simplicity of this solution makes it possible to use this solution on any site, no matter whether you have a large garden or a small garden near the house.

a tin of tires 2
An excellent solution is to use the hanginga pot of tires. Here you can also do without additional work. It is enough to hang the wheel, and in an empty cavity put a pot of flower or a pallet, pour the land and plant the plants. Any option is good and attractive.

vases from tires
For tall plants or those that lovehanging, you can make a pot of tires, just putting them one on top of another. It is better to proceed from the dimensions of the blanks. If all tires are the same, then two or three pieces are enough. From tires of different sizes, you can build a pyramid, each tier of which will bloom with its own color. Get a very beautiful slide. And if you think about planting and planting in such a way that each next tier blossoms a bit later, you can get a living fountain of flowers.

flowerpots from tires

A beautiful pot of tires is obtained ifCut out the part and turn it out using the rim from the wheel. True, this is a rather laborious work, it requires skills. Here, without male power will not do. For a flower garden not only tires, but also cameras will do. Cutting them in half and hanging on a chain, you will get the hanging pots, which will serve as an excellent decoration for the house.

a tin of tires 3
Old tires can be simply pinned to the wallshed or garage, plant flowers inside. If you use curly plants, then eventually a flower wall will appear. Vases of tires, the photos of which you can see, are made from unnecessary trash. What you were about to throw out recently can be converted into beautiful summer decorations with your hands on. And often no special effort or tools are needed. The most important thing here is your desire to transform your garden or create a cheerful mood among passers-by who walk past your beautiful crafts.

If several years ago a pile of discarded wheelsjust lay around, now they are increasingly being used for a good cause. Of the tires are excellent toys that will find a worthy place in the playground. This carousel, and rocking, and just a wall of wheels, which is very easy to climb. The children are delighted with this opportunity. Parents are happy that the children have found employment. And in the end we get a clean and well-kept yard, without unnecessary discarded items. Using all these things, we are also involved in the purification of our planet. Means, and to us she sometime will tell the "thanks".

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