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How much is 1 ruble in 1997? Different prices of one coin

One who has been professionally engaged for a long timecollecting coins, should know how much is 1 ruble of 1997. A numismatist with experience will always be able to distinguish a valuable specimen from an ordinary sample. This is his strength and advantage over other citizens. An ordinary person does not always understand what kind of thing is in his hands. A qualified expert can only make a qualified assessment.

Interesting details

To have a decent collection, we must carefullytreat the history of each coin. This always helps to make a really right choice. Sometimes beginners are very worried about how much is 1 ruble in 1997? Most consider this coin to be valuable. But not everything is so simple and straightforward. In order to answer this difficult question, it is necessary to have enough information. First of all, it should be noted that two mint-existing mints were engaged in the production of this product: in St. Petersburg and Moscow. This circumstance is the first factor that affects what interests many, namely how much is 1 ruble in 1997. Coins with the stamp "SPMD" are unlikely to attract an experienced specialist. They can be safely put in a purse and used in the store to pay for the goods. The rest of the production of Moscow production must also be carefully considered before claiming how much it costs 1 ruble in 1997.

how much is 1 ruble in 1997

It turns out that not all products are the same. Although the obverse in this case is not noticeable. Attention should be given to the reverse, namely the floral ornament applied on the sides. At the top of some coins there is one feature. One of the curls sometimes touches the edge and partially falls under its edge. This is the second factor, which is extremely rare. This is why such coins are so highly appreciated by specialists. Many people dream of becoming the owner of such a unique thing, but luck only smiles at the chosen ones. Some may think that having in your pocket a handful of ruble coins, you can easily become a millionaire. But do not be so deceived. Luck is rare. It is possible to search for the necessary copy for a long time, and it will fall at the most unexpected moment. But what a pleasant and exciting it will be afterwards a sense of victory and full moral satisfaction! Partly because of this, people become collectors.

Minimal benefit

But all the same it is not necessary to consider, that the realthe value of the coin 1 ruble 1997 with the stamp of St. Petersburg is equal only to its face value. Such products also have their own feature, which can affect the price. It would seem that this is an ordinary coin made of nickel silver, made in the form of a circle, which in diameter is exactly 20.5 millimeters, with a standard head for 110 corrugations, one and a half millimeter thick and weighing 3.25 grams. All figures and figures are clearly marked, without any special features. However, there is one nuance that can affect the real value of the coin 1 ruble in 1997.

cost of coin 1 ruble 1997

It's all in the font. One of the letters has a certain feature that is noticeable only on closer inspection. An ordinary person does not even notice it with the naked eye. It's about the letter "B". In some specimens, the upper small crossbar is slightly curved. This does not make the sample defective. Just a similar feature is found only sometimes. This increases the price of coins at auctions to 50 rubles for one piece. At the same time, other specimens with an even crossbar can also be sold. But they will cost no more than five rubles.

Mint Features

Products of the famous mint of the cityMoscow has a number of interesting features. All of them relate to the sample in 1 ruble 1997. The price of a coin can also depend on the type of the edge that goes with a solid ring along the edge of the workpiece. In practice, such strips can be of different types: flat and convex, narrow and wide, and even or with a certain ledge. It all depends on the type and quality of the mold. In 1997, for the production of 1 ruble in Moscow, various types of stamps were used. One option was a product with a narrow edging.

1 ruble 1997 the price of a coin

It occurs quite often, but less frequently thansamples with a flat ring. This, of course, is reflected in the selling price of the product itself. Such a coin can be sold for 350 rubles. It all depends on the buyer and his collection. For some it may be a missing copy, and another collector of coins does not need such a product at all. Of course, there are many similar samples in everyday life. But only a sharp eye specialist can determine the right option. Most often this requires special equipment or other improvised means. But sometimes even a simple magnifying glass is enough to see the necessary details. Sometimes a similar type of cant take for the cost of operation, but a good numismatist can always distinguish the usual abrasion from a unique feature.

Unique sample

It should be noted that the highest value is the 1 ruble ruble of 1997, MMD with a wide edging.

coin 1 ruble 1997 MDM with a wide edging cost

The cost of one such product can reachten thousand rubles. But this is the case if it is a flat "ring". There are specimens, in which the edging has a small ledge. This significantly reduces the price and allows the owner to get for his goods no more than five thousand rubles. But those who think that one wide band on the edge will be enough to make a lot of money make mistakes. It turns out that everything is much more complicated. The highest price can be obtained only if the instance contains all three features:

  • the stamp of "SPMD";
  • pinched curl;
  • wide edging.

The owner of such a coin can safely assume,that he has a real rarity in his hands. And such copies are always in price. And it is growing all the time, as some samples that have become unusable are periodically withdrawn from circulation. This happens in any state. In their place at any time can be the usual ruble, made in 1997. In addition, we must take into account the state of such a coin. Naturally, a clean and brilliant specimen will cost more than dirty and shabby. In the first case, you can get the maximum price, and in the second - below the minimum. From failure, no one is immune. Therefore, as a rule, lucky only to those who make greater efforts for this, maintaining patience and clearly following their goal. But in any business there is always some luck. Thus, the owner of a unique thing may be even someone who does not need it at all. But, having certain knowledge, the goods can be sold and it is quite good to earn money on it. This is exactly what some enterprising lucky people do. As a rule, they do not refer to real numismatists. Collectors usually set a goal and devote it sometimes even for years. The result for him is only a confirmation of the correctness of the path.

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