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How to boil soap at home: simplified technology

To cook soap at home, you needseveral ingredients that are sold in specialized stores or pharmacies. The first of these is the soap base. It's easier to buy ready, but in this capacity you can use the usual neutral (baby) soap without perfumes and additives, after wiping it on the grater. It is perfectly suitable for this purpose, since it has practically no odor, therefore, the chosen aroma will not be "interrupted" by anything.

Soap base can be made and independently,"Hot" or "cold" (without boiling in a water bath) way. However, this process is quite complex and time-consuming, besides, it is not entirely safe, since you will have to deal with corrosive chemicals (alkali). In addition, the soap base, made from scratch, will be ready only in a month - this period of time is necessary for it to mature (or it will take a month to withstand ready-made soap, with all the fillings before use). Therefore, when answering the question about how to boil soap at home, many experienced soaps recommend that beginners miss this stage and turn to making soap from scratch later, having already gained some experience.

The second ingredient that will be needed forsoap making - oil-base. It should be without a strong smell: suitable, for example, almond, sea-buckthorn, apricot, coconut, peach, castor or ordinary olive. On 100 g of a soap base it should be taken 2 tbsp. l. In addition, you will need glycerin, aromatics (essential oils), additives and natural dyes, water or herbal infusions (200 ml).

Before you make soap at home, think about howit will look and what will smell. Many people buy special molds for soap - it's very convenient and beautiful. However, you can pour it into ordinary plastic trays, and after cooling cut into slices. Especially spectacular appearance with this design will have soap from several layers.

To make soap according to your own recipeIt is necessary to first warm the oil base on a water bath. After that, in it, gradually, in small portions, add a soap base, thoroughly mixing everything and periodically pouring hot water or infusion. The mixture can not be brought to a boil. After it becomes similar in consistence to sour cream or liquid dough, it is removed from the heat and add a tablespoon of glycerin, selected aromatic oils and dyes. For multi-layer soap, the mixture is divided into several parts and various ingredients are added to each of them. The finished composition is poured into small shaped molds or into a large mold, preliminarily covered with foil (you can also use special "sliced" forms, simple or with a curly surface). If a small shaped mold is not made of silicone, it should be slightly lubricated with oil - so it will be easier to remove the ready-made soap from it. Talking about how to cook soap at home, some soap lovers are advised to sprinkle its surface in the form of alcohol to remove unaesthetic vials. The same method is also recommended for better adhesion of layers in a multi-colored soap.

For those who are interested in how to make soap at home,original and unusual, you can advise to add in it natural ingredients - for example, juice or pulp of various fruits. Very interesting looks soap with petals of flowers or herbs. For cleansing the skin, soap-scrub with ground oat flakes, poppy seeds, sea salt or natural coffee is good. To get different shades, use dyes - ready, purchased in the store, or homemade, natural: for example, broth karkade (red), sea buckthorn oil or carrot juice (orange), saffron (yellow), cucumber juice or parsley (green) and t In general, when answering the question of how to boil soap from a ready-made home, one can note the simplicity and accessibility of this method, thanks to which soap making has become for many a favorite hobby.

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