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Pattern for a newborn baby, a pattern of a cap and overalls

Preparing a dowry for a baby is veryfascinating and interesting occupation, which will give a lot of pleasure and positive emotions to the future mummy. And away all the prejudices that are saying that you can not prepare in advance. Pregnancy is the time to do needlework and create beautiful and original things for your baby. After all, when the child is born, then there definitely will not be enough time to sit around for the sewing machine and for knitting.

Pattern for the newborn and otherthe right clothes for those who decided to curb, will be an excellent template for making interesting things. A little zeal, fantasy, and the wardrobe of the child will be ready. And the finance at independent tailoring will be required much less, than at purchase of ready things.

Pattern for a newborn

Building a pattern for the underwear

How to build a pattern for thenewborn? The template should be a swinging shirt with a one-piece sleeve. As standard, the standard volumes and height of the baby are usually taken. The minimum assumes a shelf width of 28 cm, a sleeve of 15 cm, a neck depth of 1 cm on the back and 4 cm on the front, a cuff width of 11 cm and a length of the product of 30 cm. It is from these quantities that the counting starts for a larger size, 2-3 cm.

Pattern for a newborn baby is constructed as follows:

  • Draw a line equal to two lengths of the sleeve and one measurement of the shelf, i.e. 15 + 28 + 15 cm;
  • note the beginning of the boundary of the sleeves, dropping perpendiculars;
  • mark the middle of the shelf;
  • Draw a neck for the gear and back;
  • at the edges drop by 1.5 cm and draw lines to perpendiculars at an angle of 15 degrees.

As a result, the main template is obtained in the drawing, on which it is possible to mark model lines. And at this stage, you can assume that the pattern for the new-born baby is ready.

overalls for newborns pattern

Product Modeling

The most convenient paschonka - the one that hasA good smell and fastens on the shoulder on a button or button. It is known to any young mother. Such a product will not untie or crawl, and the baby's chest will always be closed. This pattern for the new-born baby's gown includes a double front shelf. In order to get the workpiece, in the drawing it is necessary to designate the necessary width of the shelf and the place of the fastener, and also to draw a backboard separately, so that it is easy to cut out the parts.

Another useful point on whichPay attention - it's closed sleeves. Here it is necessary to make a special lapel of the rear part of the sleeve section on the wrong side (approximately 5 cm), and leave the front part to the size of the template. The only thing is to add a few centimeters in the workpiece, so that the child's handle fits completely into the sleeve. After sewing the lapel, you can turn and close the exit from the sleeve to hide the baby's handles. This design will be an excellent option for an active child, who waggles repeatedly and can accidentally scratch his face with nails.


Building a pattern of overalls

One of the most favorite things of every youngMommies are so called humans. This is a very convenient piece of clothing, in which the child does not press anything and at the same time both the breast and the loin are closed. How to sew such a coverall for newborns? The pattern of such a product is also quite simple, as is the pattern of the ruff.

As a rule in such clothes sleeves dovtachnymi, but for a small size is not necessary. This stroke is used to place the parts on the canvas as compactly as possible to save material. For harvesting, you can take the already existing pattern of the shirt and draw the trousers to it. You will also need a small diamond from the same fabric, which will need to be sewed as a crotch in the ribbon seam so that the products can be worn without problems on the diaper. How to make a cover for a newborn? Pattern of the product is obtained with a cut on the chest and a solid back, which is very convenient, because the child almost always lies. To make the product easy to wear, the middle seam should be sewn with a zipper so that it starts on the inner seam of one of the pants. It is very easy to do this, the main thing is to collect the parts in the correct sequence.

design of the raspashonki

Assemblage of overalls

After cutting all the elements of the clothing are assembled in this order:

  • shoulder seams;
  • joining of sleeves;
  • gusset on the back half;
  • gore on half gear;
  • lightning;
  • external seams from the pants to the sides and sleeves;
  • inner seam of pants.

Next, you need a slanting bake from the samematerial for processing the neck. If you slightly extend the legs and close the exit, and on the ankles before sewing up the inner seam to sew a soft rubber, you get a little man with socks.

Bucket tailoring

Chepchik is one of the simplest children's itemswardrobe. It is very easy to sew it. The shape of the cap consists of two parts: a strip of fabric equal to the circumference of the head, and an oval with a cut base about 12-14 cm high. The band is sewn to one of the oval sections, planting the canvas on the bends. In the seam very often lace ribbon lace or proshu. On the front cut and at the bottom, the cap is pinched and poured, and then the ribbon-ties are sewn.


Knitting Patterns

All the blanks described above canused for sewing, and for knitting children's clothing. It will look great crocheted tie, if the basis is to take an openwork pattern. It is also possible to mold the product down or tie a shirt from the fabric. And if you tie a jumpsuit, it will be very comfortable and warm. Changing in this case, trousers to the bag, you can get a great envelope for sleep.

There is no limit to fantasy, and on the basis of simple preparations you can create a whole collection of original children's things.

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