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Autumn photo session in the park: ideas, poses

Autumn is a wonderful time of year! It is so unique and amazing that it gives birth to unique opportunities for photo sessions. And what could be better than the autumn photo session in the park? Ideas of such an exciting event with pleasure we will consider.

Features of photographing in autumn

The uniqueness of autumn photographs isthat they are made in a time that is very rich in a variety of colors and shades, ranging from yellow, red, golden and ending in red. Of course, we are talking about early autumn - a short time between the end of September and the very beginning of October. This allows the photo artist to create a unique background on which his models will look great.

autumn photosession in the park ideas

Also, a photographer can play with light refractionand shadows, creating a special mood of your photo. Many photographers are good at such works as the autumn photo session of a girl in the park. The ideas of such a photo shoot are different for everyone, but they are similar in many ways: it is the use of accessories (for example, fallen leaves, chestnut fruits or other trees, umbrellas from the rain), the use of play of light and shadow, and appeal to the theme of feminine beauty amid fading nature.

Park as the best place for photographing

For residents of cities who dream of stylish and beautiful photos on the background of nature's autumn, a better place than the park, just do not advise.

Therefore, all lovers of outdoor recreation can be invited at this time here. You can take your family with you.

Many people will like the autumn familyphotosession in the park. Its ideas are endless. You can lie along with the children in the foliage, braid your hair with autumn flowers, make wreaths of leaves and flowers and put them on yourself or your children, cuddle with relatives and friends - all this under the lenses of cameras!

, autumn family photosession in the park ideas

Very helpful in photographing variousDecorations that can often be found in parks. These are twisted fences, small and pretty bridges, sculptures, park benches and so on. Thanks to small architectural forms, photos will be simply unforgettable, because in this case you do not even need to take your props with you - you already have it all!

Autumn photo session in the park: ideas for posing

There are a lot of ideas for photographing in the fall. We will bring to your attention some of them.

The first idea: prayer to heaven

Stand on the background of the autumn park, raise your eyes and look at the sky as if you want to ask for something from the sky. This pose can be supplemented by taking an umbrella and shifting it to the right shoulder.

The second idea: half-turn

Stand in full growth against the background of the autumn park, turn your back to the person photographing you, and turn to him half-turned over your right shoulder.

The third idea: fireworks from leaves

Collect as many fallen leaves as possible(make sure that the leaves are beautiful, make sure to take the maple ones). At the command of the person photographing you, throw the whole arm up. When you throw, you can also jump up and down.

 autumn photosession in the park ideas postures

The idea of ​​the fourth: my treasure

Mothers are often photographed with their children onAutumn park background. There are many options on such a subject as an autumn photo shoot with a child in the park. Ideas in fact live in our heart, we need only to implement them.

As a rule, moms tend to take the baby in his arms and press him to him. A child can hold autumn leaves in his hands or put on a wreath of them.

You really should like this autumn photo session in the park. Its ideas are diverse, but everything depends on your fantasies and desires.

Kiss of the Lovers

Considering the theme "Autumn photo session in the park: ideas, poses," one can not ignore such a masterpiece of human relations as a kiss.

Photographers like to shoot kissing people, because the resulting images always look touching and attract the attention of the audience.

autumn photosession with a child in the park ideas

What must be done to remove such an autumn kiss?

It is important to remember that different props can be used for this. For example, they are bicycles, which are pressed together by the wheels to each other during a kiss, umbrellas, clothes, etc.

It is good to use the power and brightness of the sun's rays that envelop the kissing people. You can include in the frame and autumn leaves, which are dumb participants of this action.

Sometimes photographers shoot in autumn parks already elderly couples who gently hug and kiss each other. Such photos, in their opinion, always touch the audience with their simplicity.

Book Ideas for Autumn Photography

Autumn is often associated with the beginning of the new school year. It is not surprising that another book in the fall photo session can become another attribute.

There are many options for such photography! It's reading books in the park, and covering up the face book and stuff.

There are a lot of poses for reading here too: suitable and pensive reading in a sitting position, you can also use the lying position when the model is lying on the ground, slightly wrapped in autumn foliage, and reading with enthusiasm. Also for reading you can put on your face glasses, use handkerchiefs and stuff.

In any case, the book is a symbol of knowledge,education and high culture, that's why such ideas will be suitable for young people: schoolchildren, students, as well as all those who want to show themselves to be intellectuals.

As an alternative to the book, you can use a tablet or laptop, although the book is a more romantic attribute of the fall!

 autumn photoshoot of the girl in the park ideas

Use when photographing autumn fruits

As you know, autumn is also the time of collectionharvest. Incidentally, it was at this time had many holidays in antiquity. It's no wonder that festive traditions can please us with their triumph.

Different fruits can be used andrealization of such an idea as the autumn photo session of the family in the park. Ideas of such a walk with fruits are diverse. This, for example, flaming ashberry as a background for photographing. From berries it is possible to make beads, earrings or simply to keep in hands clusters of ripe rowan.

For photography, fungi are ideal. As a rule, family photos with mushrooms found against the backdrop of the autumn forest or park are always advantageous, because they allow themselves to be shown and their mushroom skills demonstrated.

Can be pre-prepared for the futurephotographing and other fruits: for example, pumpkins, apples, onions and so on. Similar photos look very good against the backdrop of small village houses and bright foliage lying underfoot.

Other ideas for photos

And, finally, very successfully combined withphotographing autumn water and foliage. You can put a piece of water in a small park pond and let it swim. Near the pond you can take a picture and model.

Poses for photos are varied. This may be the "Alyonushka's pose," thoughtfully bent over the water. And the pose of the dreamer, staring into the sky, and the pose of a romantic heroine, thinking about her fate.

Ideal for photographing andBoats made of bark and leaves of trees, which can be launched on a long voyage. If you find a red maple leaf and make a sail out of it, you will get real scarlet sails and Assol, which is waiting for his Gray.

You can also shoot an autumn walk in the park, a picnic of the whole family, family holidays and entertainment on the camera. There are very many options for such a walk and a picnic.

autumn photosession of the family in the park ideas

In any case, such an autumn photo shoot in the park will be very effective. Its ideas are offered different, but how to implement them is up to you.

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