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Patterns of dolls from foamiran: master classes for beginners

Foamiran is known to many as material forartificial floristry, but we will talk about another of its applications. Some needlewomen use it to make interior toys. In this article you will learn: what thickness of material is suitable for this, how to make a toy, and also see patterns of a doll. From fayamiran you get amazing, bright, and, what is very important, practical interior items. Caring for them is easy, unlike textile dolls that absorb dust. They are not afraid of moisture, do not burn out, they can be wiped with a damp cloth. Products made of such material will last for many years.

Which foiaran is suitable for dolls?

"Foam" is literally translated as "foam". Part of the word "Iran" appeared when this country established a mass production and supply of this material. Foamiran has synonyms: reveler, plastic suede, foamed rubber for hand-made articles.

Meet fofuchi!

Interior dolls from the Revolus have the name "Faufucci". They can be recognized by huge heads and characteristic feet. The products have bright outfits and beautiful painted faces. They paint their eyes with paints, helium pens or markers.

As a basis for fofuchi usedpolystyrene blanks: balls, cones. From the fameiran, Disney princesses, heroines of Russian folk tales, dancers, dwarves, elves, fairies and other characters are doing. The master's fantasy is not limited to anything. Naturally, the work will need patterns. Dolls from foyamiran appear from under the light hand of artists who draw beautiful models of products. Try and you, inspired by the instructions and patterns below! In fact, this is not difficult, and even a teenager will be able to cope. It is not for nothing that foiram is advised as a practical and environmentally friendly material for children's creativity.

Monofunctional foamiran: a master class for making an interior toy.

To create a doll you will need:

  • hemisphere made of foam plastic (diameter 13 cm);
  • a foam cone 10 cm high;
  • polystyrene balls with a diameter of 6 cm and 4 cm;
  • thick foiaran (2 mm) in different colors;
  • Foamiran thickness of 8 mm (green, yellow, red or your favorite colors).


Work begins with the manufacture of the head. Take a large foam ball and examine it. You will see a strip from the gluing of the foam preform. Take her for a landmark. Use the handle on the ball to represent half the arc of the circle. Stepping back from the middle of 1 cm, draw a second arc. Both must converge at one point. Next draw another arc, so that it covers a quarter of the ball.

foamiran master class

We cut out part of the foam between the second and thirdmarks. Now in the middle one should note the nose of the doll. In the upper edge, cut an acute angle - this will be the forehead of the doll. Take the sandpaper and sand the face until the surface becomes absolutely smooth.


To make the bottom of the legs, take a smaller ball. Cut off the side pieces. Sand the workpiece with sandpaper.

Next, we wrap the product over the fir-tree. Work does not require a pattern. Foyamir dolls can be created with simple conditional patterns, as the material stretches well. To create a head, you need two pieces of thick beige foamiran. For the front of the face you will need a piece four times larger than a foam blank. For the back of the neck a smaller piece.

Foam plastic ball put on a glass orstand for eggs. The foamiran sheet is heated with an iron. Tightly pull it on the workpiece. Do this with effort. The material perfectly takes the form of the workpiece. The neck is also worked out. The ball should be kept in hand so that no traces remain from the stand.

dresses for dolls

Also we cover the feet with a flesh-colored flesh-colored foot and a foamy hemisphere - green.

The fairy spit

The girl should have long hair. For these purposes, a thin foiraman of a muted yellow color is suitable. Your doll at will can be a brown-haired or red-haired. Cut the material into strips 4-5 cm wide. Each of them must be cut into two parts. Strips turn into a fringe. Each strip should be less than about 5 cm.

Strands are glued with instant glue strips,starting from the bottom and up to the crown. Now we need to make a doll bang of a strip of material 2.5 cm wide. We measure the length of the bang. Glue it and trim your hair with scissors. Shevelyru plaited in one or two braids and sealed with strips of colored foyamiran.

We make a handkerchief. It can be cut to the eye - without a pattern. Dolls made from fameiran are bright and elegant due to rich shades of material. Their heads can be decorated with hats, feathers, beautiful hairpins.

foamiran for beginners


On the example of our toys you will see how easy it isto make dresses for dolls from foamiran. This process is interesting because there is no limit to creativity. You will have to choose the colors of the material, come up with a style and decor. Dresses for foyamir dolls can be made using ready-made patterns, or you can design your own. The fact that this is quite simple, you can see by looking at the photo, which is located below. The outfit consists of simple geometric figures.

So, what is the thickness for the dress should beFoamiran? For beginners, this is useful information. The main part of the outfit is made of a material 2 mm thick. On the sleeves it is better to use a thin foiraman (0.5 mm). This will allow them to look more natural.

Master class: we build a pattern of dresses

Take a sheet of paper and wrap it aroundfoam cone. Note the length of the outfit and the circumference in the place where the belt will be located. Cut out a kind of pattern from paper and transfer its outline to a foirian. If desired, the dress can be decorated with a braid of thin material.

We turn to the manufacture of hands and sleeves. Take a thick wire and pierce the cone right through. To the ends of the wire, attach the hands of foyamiran flesh-colored. Blanks for the hands need to be heated on the iron, so that the fingers curled inward.

Sleeves draw on paper by eye. Cut them out from the foyamiran. If there is a desire, we decorate the sleeves with braid. The blanks, which are depicted in the photo below, are folded in half and fastened in the area of ​​the hands.

Face of the doll from the fameur

The facial features of toys are drawn by hand. Below are the templates, taking as a basis, which, you can decorate the doll face.

the face of a doll from a fameur

Building a doll

Now we need to attach our head to our girl. You can do this with a toothpick or wire. We put one tip into the head and insert the second into the cone. Handle the edge with hot glue from the gun.

making dolls from foamiran

Pattern of a doll from foamiran

Below is a pattern of Princess Sophia.

patterns of dolls from foamiraga

making dolls from foamiran

Making puppets from foamiran is a processcreative and fascinating. Not one doll is not like the other due to the fact that the faces are drawn manually. Try to create a unique interior toy for yourself or as a gift. Now you know what else is suitable for. The master class in this article is designed for beginner needlewomen.

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