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Bismarck weaving is the most popular jewelry technique

Among the various precious ornaments,chains are considered the most popular. They came into fashion a few centuries ago thanks to the Roman legionaries. In the manufacture of chains, different techniques are used, but the undisputed leader among them is the bismarck weaving.

bismarck netting
A harmonious combination of beauty and strength - that'sthe main advantage of this weaving. It is ideal for both men's and women's jewelry. For example, massive chains are popular men's accessories, and ladies prefer graceful thin chains and bracelets. It should be noted that not only in the manufacture of gold products weave bismarck, silver is also excellent for the use of this technique, and silver jewelry looks no less attractive than products from more expensive metals.

In modern jewelry stores you can findMany variants of this weaving, for example, are round, flat, "liquid", etc. But at the heart of each variant lies the classical weaving of the bismarck, each link of which includes a pair of multidirectional spirals symbolizing the rotating galaxies of our Universe. These spirals are connected with each other in one turn - this connection demonstrates the unity and harmony of the two differently directed elements. By means of soldering, the helices are connected at points of contact. Thus, the bismarck chain is braided.

bismarck chain weaving
In various regions, decorations with such a weavingcan also be called "Cardinal" or "Kaiser". Because of the simplicity of execution, this weaving is in high esteem and with private jewelers, so you can always order a unique handmade jewelry.

In addition to beauty and elegance, bismarck weaving is also very strong, so that even a very thin chain is unlikely to accidentally tear in the process of everyday wear.


Classical weaving - to give extra shine, all kinds of diamond cutting methods are used most often.

weaving bismarck silver
Bismarck Moscow - the links are woven less often than in the classical version, which makes it possible to create the impression of elegance and lightness of the product.

Bismarck Arabic - links look like oriental ornament. This model is made in traditional and black versions.

Bismarck oval - links have a more pronounced oval shape, due to which the chain seems thick and bulky.

Bismarck glamorous - products with such weavingIn addition, they are decorated with small spheres to give them extra chic. They are worn alone, like a chain-necklace, as well as with various pendants. When choosing a pendant for such a chain, you need to pay attention to the color of the products - it should be the same. In addition, the suspension should not weigh more than the chain, so as not to delay it too much.

When choosing a woman's jewelry, you always needtake into account the age of his future owner. For example, young girls are recommended thin and graceful weaving bismarck, and large massive products are more suitable for solid ladies.

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