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Making a bottle of your own hands with ribbons and sweets. Making wedding bottles with your own hands

Quite often we have to give someone in thegift various drinks in bottles. In such situations, you want to not just buy a suitable bottle in the store, but add something special and unique to it. Making a bottle with your own hands will help you solve this problem. Such a container will not only bring a zest to your gift, but will serve its master after its devastation for a long time. It can be used as, for example, a vase. It is very popular today to design wedding bottles with your own hands.

bottle design with own hands
Also you can give as a souvenirempty containers, filling it with something decorative or tasty, or simply beautifully decorating. And you can make a whole picture on several containers and place it in the interior.

Decoration options

In fact, the bottle can be decorated almostplease. Making glass bottles with your own hands has an advantage over working with plastic containers. This is due to the fact that the plastic can not withstand glue, and sometimes even glue "Moment". So, this limits the variety of materials that can be used in decor.

Bottles can be decorated with a cloth, napkins,papier-mâché or artificial flowers, as well as ribbons, paper elements, acrylic paint, sparkles, paillettes and many others. Plastic bottles are usually painted with acrylic paints or are made in the technique of decoupage. Before applying to them, the surface is treated with sandpaper. The design of bottles with their own hands, the photos of which you will see in this article, is made using a variety of materials.

Tools and materials for bottle design

If we summarize all the information, we note that fordecorating bottles may need a whole mountain of tools. Therefore, before you buy or prepare them, you should determine as precisely as possible, in which style your bottle will be made and what materials will be used. But in almost any case you will need brushes, scissors, glue "Moment Crystal". It is better to use hot melt glue after all. And also alcohol and cotton wool are needed to degrease the surface of the bottle before embarking on its decoration.

Preparation of the workplace

To beautifully decorate bottles with your own handsit was also convenient, you should take care of your workplace. As it should choose a well-lit table. Lighting matters if you are going to work in the evening or with small elements. Also, take care of protecting the surface of the table. Especially if you are going to work with paints, glue or other materials that can stain the table. If small parts are to be used (for example, beads), then think about the containers in which these elements will be placed.

Making wedding bottles with your own hands

Wedding bottles, zadekorirovannye in styleheld celebrations, will be a real decoration of the holiday. According to tradition, there should be two such containers. They are placed on the table near the newlyweds and then stored with them. One of these bottles is drunk on the first anniversary, and the other - at the birth of the first child. There are several ways to decorate this container.

 decoration of wedding bottles with their own hands
The most common decoration optionis an imitation on the bottles of the bride and groom's outfits. In this case, small pieces of organza, satin and velvet are used from materials, and beads and lace complement the picture. Also popular is the decoration of bottles using photographs of the newlyweds. The pictures are printed on a self-adhesive film, cut out the desired shape and pasted onto bottles. The edges of the photo are decorated with braid or beads.

Still decorate bottles, using flowers frompolymer clay, a string of pearls, beads and other ornaments. The main thing is that the final product should correspond to the general style of celebration. No less popular way is decoupage of wedding bottles, as well as their decoration with satin ribbons.

Making a bottle of champagne with your own hands. Master Class

The design of a container with champagne canbe different. Among them, painting, decoupage or even the use of techniques modeling from polymer clay or papier-mache mass. Consider the most popular method - the design of bottles with ribbons. With your hands, you can easily turn a bottle, for example, into a chic lady dressed in a satin dress with lace.

decorating a bottle of champagne with your own hands

To perform the decoration, you will needsatin ribbon, "Moment crystal" glue or hot melt glue, scissors and decorative elements. The bottle should be cleaned of all labels and degreased. To do this, moisten cotton wool with alcohol and wipe the surface of the container. Now it is necessary to cut off the tape of the necessary length, lightly glue it with glue (better pointwise) and paste on the bottle. If you use an adhesive gun, then the process will go much faster, because hot melt, unlike the "Moment", freezes instantly.

decoration of bottles with your own hands photo

The tapes are overlapped untilthe whole neck will be closed. After that, they are placed horizontally over the rest of the bottle surface. In the neck area, narrower tapes should be used, they will fall better, and on the rest of the surface - wider. At the very bottom, you can make a skirt of ribbon or lace in the tone of the bottle. If there are any shortcomings, they should be hidden using decorative braid. You can decorate with any artistic elements to your liking.

We use sweets

Quite interesting and original is consideredbottle decoration with sweets. With your hands, you can create, for example, a wreath of sweets, which is fixed on the bottle. Or attach sweets directly to the bottle, while creating candy sculptures. The most common option is a bottle of pineapple. Candy rounded in a golden wrapping glued to the entire bottle from the bottom to the neck. At the top are added paper leaves to simulate a pineapple outlet. Or a simpler version - fill the bottles with small colored candy and attach interesting labels to them.

bottle decoration with sweets
Such a sweet present will appeal to people quiteany age categories. The main thing is to choose the right design. Proceed from who exactly and for what occasion this gift is prepared.


Many needlewomen like to decorate a bottle with their own hands in the technique of decoupage. This option can be the most economical compared to the rest, and at the same time much more beautiful than any others.

For decoupage, you will need acrylic primer, a dish sponge for its application, a brush, glue, napkin or rice card, acrylic lacquer and various decorative elements.

From the bottle, remove all labels, degreasesurface and cover it with acrylic primer, using a sponge for this. After the soil has dried, it is necessary to glue a napkin or rice card to the bottle and leave it to dry. Glue the napkin best by using a fan brush. After the product dries, you should choose the colors of the background paint, and using the same sponge, compare the background of the napkin with the bottle in color, then draw in the places where it is necessary.

Having finished the design of the bottle with your own hands in the technique of decoupage, you should cover the product with acrylic lacquer. Then you can add three-dimensional elements, if such are provided by your design.

Painted bottles

If you can draw, you canTo make out the bottle with your own hands, using various painting techniques. It can be folk painting. Such as, for example, Petrikovskaya or Slobodskaya.

decoration of glass bottles with your own hands

You can paint a bottle by resorting to elementsChinese painting. It is very interesting to look on the bottles point painting. With its help, very unusual patterns and elements are created. No less original look containers, made in black and white style. They paint them, as a rule, with acrylic paints. Pre-coat the surface with soil, and preferably two times. You can add small sparkles, sprinkling the painted areas until they are dry, or mixing the sequins with the paint. At the end of the work, this bottle is covered with acrylic lacquer. It can be matte or glossy, depending on the final idea. Lacquer coating is produced in several layers, at least three or even four. This will prevent the environment from affecting the product.

Using decorated containers

Designed by hand, bottles can beused in different situations. For example, a clogged packaging for a birthday present or any other holiday. Wedding bottles or containers for decorating a festive table are also popular.

beautiful design of bottles with your own hands

Still these bottles can be used as vases orcontainers for small sweets. And you can perform them in the style of decorating the room where they will be, and apply the vessels as an element of the interior.

Thus, we considered some optionsdecoration of bottles. This, of course, is not all the existing methods, but they are the most common. By decorating bottles with your own hands, you not only add originality to your gift, but also get great pleasure from the fascinating creative process.

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