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Elena Lavrentieva dolls: master class and secrets of the needlewoman

It turns out that out of ordinary women's pantyhoseyou can create absolutely amazing toys! In Ukraine there lives a skilled worker, who never ceases to amaze her with her works. Meet Elena Lavrentieva. Most needlewomen, who are engaged in this kind of creativity, consider it their godmother. In this article you will get acquainted with the master classes on dolls of Elena Lavrentieva.

dolls of the laurel master class

About the author of dolls

In one of the interviews, the needlewoman said that her passion began after she saw on the TV a master class. Dolls of Elena Lavrentieva first saw the world in 2007. Synthepone was then found on a free sale difficult, and the first products she created from cotton wool and kapron. Naturally, they are not as good as toys from modern materials, but Elena treats them with warmth. A year later, the Internet appeared in the family, and the master was given the opportunity to study master classes in sculpture and hosiery techniques and read books on this subject. Favorite book of Elena Lavrentieva - Olga Andrianova "Sculptural Textiles".

Elena is engaged in creativity from 20 years. After the birth of her son she terribly wanted to paint landscapes with oil paints. Her creations, she gave to friends and relatives, later the needlewoman was fascinated by stained glass paintings. Also the foreman made hairpins and a panel from a skin. Each type of needlework developed artistic taste.

The needlewoman perfectly draws. For each product creates a sketch doll. Elena Lavrentieva puts the master classes on the net for free and wants that as many people as possible are engaged in the manufacture of these cute toys. According to the master, the occupation is treating depression and helps to overcome other diseases.

Master class: dolls from the capron of Elena Lavrentieva - "Mushka with a coin"

In this part of the article, you will learn how to create a flywith a penny for good luck. This author's development of Elena Lavrentieva. When copying, do not forget to specify the authorship. By the way, the needlewoman herself does not mind when she repeats her work, and sometimes she does so, but does not forget to indicate the name of the owner of the idea.

For a cozy chrysalis you will need:

  • boiled kapron tights (20-40 den);
  • tights with a black lurex;
  • tights of green color (60-80 den);
  • standard sintepon (150 -250 g / m2 square);
  • reinforced yarn (35 LL);
  • pins;
  • needles for dolls;
  • cosmetic blush and shadows or dry pastel;
  • hair spray;
  • yarn of brown color;
  • liquid pearls (dark brown color);
  • transparent nail polish;
  • glue gun;
  • aluminum or copper wire 1,5-2 mm;
  • the wire for the antennae is thin (0.5-1 mm);
  • pliers;
  • eyes (12-15 mm);
  • needle for felting;
  • Felting tape;
  • awl;
  • glue "Titan";
  • coin;
  • permanent marker;
  • transparent plastic (can be packed).

Make the head

Take the sintepon and from the common piece, separate the thin layer. Synthepone, which remained, tear your hands in pieces.

Form a small ball from it. You will need to put it in the early separated thin layer of material. So you will get a blank for the head (radius - 5 cm). Roll a small ball for the nose (radius - 1.5 cm). Cover it with a nylon. Clamp the bottom with a hairpin.

Spout nozzle

Mark two points on the nozzle from above and below. Top the thread (without a knot) and sew a little obliquely to point number 2 from the bottom. Return the needle to its original position (at point 1).

To the left of the nozzle, mark two more pointsdiagonals. From the point number 2 to the point number 3 lay the thread inside. From the point number 3 to the point number 4, walk a needle on top of the product. On the right, mark the points No. 4 and 5. They should go parallel to 3 and 4. Draw the thread from point No. 4 in the head to point No. 5. Return from this place to point No. 4. Now pull the thread, so you will simultaneously mark the cheeks and mouth.

elena lavrentiev doll master classes

We need to make the doll smile. For this purpose, two more points are marked in the area under the nose. You can mark the location of the mouth with a pin. Make a few through stitches and tighten the thread. For the formation of cheeks, sew the product inside from the area under the nose to the starting point of the mouth. Tighten the thread. The head will take a more defined form.

Next, make dolls make-up - brown your cheekscosmetics and fix it with hairspray. The fly needs to insert its eyes, choose a convex version, as a rule, they come with a thread for screwing. Bite off her pliers. Glue the eyes.

Take a piece of sintepon, slightly less than the sizehead, and form an egg from it. Tighten it with a green nylon. It is necessary to outline the round tummy of a fly. To do this, pierce it and suture it through, and then wrap the thread around the abdomen. On top put on a kapron stocking from Lurex. Fix the head and body with threads and glue.

We attach the hair to the fly. They will be made of wool. Take a piece 18-20 cm long. Attach it to the head on the parting. Fold it with a needle or just sew it with thread. Also fasten the hair on the sides. Throw in the fly two pigtails. Trim the chelochka.

Form four wires from the wire. Wrap them in thick brown yarn. At the base make them thicker.

To insert the feet, make holes for them with an awl. Apply liquid pearls to the tips of your paws.

Making wings

Make a sketch of the wings on paper. Take the transparent package and move the marker on its surface with the marker. Cut out the wings. Mark the points of their location and make in this place incisions with manicure scissors. Drop the glue "Titan" there. Insert the wings and press firmly.

dolls from the nylon of the laurel master class

Cut some feathers from the boa and paste them inarea of ​​the neck of the fly (this item is optional). For the antennae, you need two pieces of copper wire, 5 cm long. Apply a drop of glue to the tips from a hot gun. After cooling, paint them with brown liquid pearls. In the paw of the fly, give a coin with the number five. It is considered a symbol of prosperity. Here we disassembled the process of making a toy on the simplest example, which is available to beginners.

Dolls from nylon Elena Lavrentieva

Want to learn the secrets of making wonderfultoys? Presented here is the master class "Doll-popik" by Elena Lavrentieva. How to make a head, you now know in the example presented above. We will talk about how to create the buttocks, arms and legs of a toy.


Take a piece of padding polyester and make a ball of it. Wrap it in a thin layer of the same material. Wear a capron stocking on top. Lock the end. Trim all the excess. Make a seam on the ass, dividing it into two buttocks. The tip of the trimmed fabric must be carefully hidden in the middle and sewn up. Buttocks tint blush.

Master class from Elena Lavrentieva - hands of dolls-popikov (author’s secrets)

To create direct hands you will need:

  • copper wire 1.2–1.4 mm;
  • sintepon;
  • pliers;
  • tights beige.

Make the silhouette of the wire (frame) of two hands. Fingers at the ends should be round. Take sintepon and wrap each finger. Next, decorate the palm itself (more volume part) and brush. Wrap the material of the second billet. After the synthetic winterizer is attached to the frame, we put a capron on our hands.

doll popik master class of Elena Lavrentyeva

Tip! For decoration of the extremities, it is better to take the upper part of the tights ("shorts"). Capron here is usually denser than in the legs. Cut the square and wind the frame with padding polyester.

Sew nylon around the brush. Cut off the excess and hide the edge. Shape your fingers with a thread.


We continue to disassemble the master class from ElenaLavrenteva. A caprone doll we make legs. To do this, make two elongated balls from the sintepon. Cover them with nylon. Sew 5 fingers on the legs. Sew each foot through, making a 1-2 cm stitch. Sew together all the parts of the doll.

elena lavrentyeva ass dolls master class

We hope that the presented master classes will be useful to you. Elena Lavrentieva dolls are something special.

elena lavrentyeva ass dolls master class hands

After all, as the craftswoman herself says, only stunning mimic folds can be made from tights. Dolls-popiki like buns, create a mood and give the house comfort.

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