/ Ocelot Revolver - who is this?

Ocelot Revolver - who is this?

Metal Gear Solid is a legendary game series. It is rather difficult to find a work that would have such depth as the brainchild of Hideo Kojima. The game is full of cunning plot twists, symbols, inconsistencies, etc. In this article, we will discuss one of the most ambiguous characters in Metal Gear Solid. We'll talk about Revolver Ocelot. Do you want to know more about this character? Read this article!

Who is Ocelot Revolver?

Revolver Ocelot Biography

In the game Metal Gear Solid, there are many dangeroussoldier. Revolver (Shalashaska) Ocelot is the code name of a soldier who specializes in torture and interrogation. Another characteristic feature that distinguishes him from other fighters is the skillful handling of pistols. It is through this skill that he will receive his nickname - Ocelot Revolver. It is also worth noting that this character has telepathic abilities, which saved his life more than once. Adamska (real name of the character) is one of the main characters in the series. He was one of the few who was personally acquainted with Big Boss and his clones. As a rule, Ocelot Revolver acted as a double, or triple agent, acting for the benefit of organizations such as the "Philosophers", the GRU, the CIA, the "Patriots".

Revolver Ocelot: Biography

Born Revolver Ocelot June 6, 1944 onthe territory of northern France, Normandy. Mother of Adamski was a girl soldier Joy (later she became more famous under the moniker Boss). The birth took place during the operation "Overlord." Joey was injured, so she had to do caesarean section. Fortunately, the child was not injured, but the mother of Ocelot had a huge scar after the procedure, which stretched all over the body. As it turned out in MGS3, Ocelot's father was a soldier named Sorrow. It was from him that Adamsk inherited his telepathic abilities. Soon the child was stolen by agents of the "Philosophers".

When Adamska grew up, he wasorganization of the National Security Agency. He worked there as a decipherer. But soon Ocelot moved to the side of the USSR and began to work in the special forces commanded by Eugene Borisovich Volgin. A little later, Ocelot, thanks to a kinship with the legendary Boss, received his own detachment. In the 60s, Adamsk became a secret agent. He worked not only for the GRU, but also for the KGB with the CIA.

Operation "Devourer of Snakes"

Ocelot Revolver

In the operation "Devourer of Snakes" Ocelotplayed not the least role. Carrying out this mission, Adamsk repeatedly encountered Naked Snake (later received the nickname Big Boss). Being a "mole" in the GRU (USSR), Ocelot Revolver was ordered by the CIA (USA) to help Snake in his mission. And everything went quite well. Thanks to the help of Ocelot, Snake managed to destroy Shagohod and Grozny Grad. It is also worth noting that it was Adamsk that deprived Snake of his eyes during the torture. In addition, Shalashaski had another secret mission, the essence of which was revealed only at the end of MGS 3. It turns out that Ocelot's primary goal was the "Legacy of Philosophers" (a huge fund of money). And the Revolver coped with its task perfectly. Thanks to him, the US received part of the same "Heritage".

Further activities

Revolver Ocelot

Shalashaska was dissatisfied with the way the governmentarrived with the money "Philosophers." It is for this reason that, with the support of Zero, he created the organization "Patriots". Soon Big Boss joined her. However, it did not last long. Zero secretly began work on the project "Terrible children." Its essence was to create clones of genetically ideal soldiers based on Snake DNA. When Big Boss found out about this, he left the organization furiously. Ocelot was also not enthusiastic about Zero's deed. But he did not leave the organization immediately and continued to work as a secret agent.

Later, Ocelot attempted to rebuild Outer Haven, but was assassinated by Solid Snake (one of the Big Boss clones and the main character of the game series).

Relations with Big Boss

Revolver Shalashaska Ocelot

The relationship between Big Boss and Ocelot is prettycomplicated, confusing and completely not completely understood. But still most fans believe that Adamsk and Snake are connected by "brotherly ties". And this is quite logical. After all, throughout the game they have the same goal - to fulfill the dream Boss, who for the characters of both was a mentor, mother. And the death of Ocelot is not as simple as it seemed at first glance. The true purpose of the Revolver was to awaken the Big Boss and free the world from the power of the "Patriots". And he managed to do this only valuable life.

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