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Military equipment: crafts for boys

What a man's gift can make a kid hishands and give to his father, grandfather, friend? The ideal option would be to craft an article on military themes: a tank or an airplane. An uncomplicated design from handy, accessible materials should interest even preschoolers. Guys are always attracted to military equipment. Crafts will be a wonderful decoration of the room or a gift. Let's consider several master classes on manufacturing military equipment with our own hands.

Unusual raw materials for crafts - loofah

You can create endlessly with your own hands. We are used to making crafts made of cardboard. Military equipment is obtained from such raw materials the most diverse. But sometimes beautiful things can be made from inconspicuous improvised items, for example, washcloths. In order to make a tank, come in handy:

  • green foam rubber sponge, rigid on one side;
  • round lid of cream;
  • children's clay;
  • thin straw for a cocktail or an ear stick;
  • dark green marker;
  • quick-setting adhesive.

wares from paper military equipment

Performance of work: the tank from a washcloth

All boys are attracted to military equipment. Crafts can be done by yourself, which means you can build a personal plane or tank.

military crafts

To make a second transport, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. From the sides of the sponge, draw two identical half-ovals. Trim the sponge according to the contours obtained.
  2. Level the bottom of the tank so that a semi-circular sponge is obtained. The hard part should be on top.
  3. Cut a piece of foam rubber near the hardest surface to make a ledge.
  4. Slice hard surface.
  5. Cut the foam so that the solid surface forms an even protrusion.
  6. Through the entire length of the bottom, the marker has two parallels.
  7. Opposite the lines make a ledge.
  8. Cut above each line and remove some of the foam.
  9. Apply glue on the obtained area and bend, pressing to the bottom.
  10. Then draw a track from the side marker.
  11. For the tower you need to take a cap, well, if it is green. If a different color, then dye or okleit.
  12. The stick, which will be the muzzle of the tank, is fastened by means of clay on the turret cover.
  13. A ready tower to glue to the base.
  14. Close the clay hatch and fasten it to the top of the tower.

Tank from matchboxes

Materials and tools:

  • boxes of matches - 3 pieces;
  • black cardboard;
  • a set of colored paper;
  • a bottle cap (plastic);
  • wand stick;
  • buttons;
  • "Moment" (glue);
  • awl and scissors.

In kindergartens and schools, most often do paper crafts. Military technology is bright, if you use cardboard and colored pens. But it will be more interesting to make a tank of matchboxes.

wares from paper military equipment

The instruction on manufacturing:

  1. To glue together two boxes so that a rectangle is bigger.
  2. With colored paper, wrap a separate box of matches. With glued to do the same.
  3. Fix glue-wrapped boxes - smaller on a larger.
  4. On the sides of the tank paste a number of buttons.
  5. The next stage is the manufacture of the tower. With a hot silk in the lid, make a hole and fix a plastic stick in it.
  6. Glue to fix the received tower on a smaller matchbox.
  7. We proceed to design the tracks of the tank. From a sheet of black cardboard cut off two thin strips and make an accordion out of them.
  8. Paste the received tracks on the tank.
  9. Also, the tank can be decorated with various pieces of cardboard: an open hatch, an observation slot and others.

crafts from cardboard military equipment

This is how military equipment will turn out. Crafts of this kind can be a good gift for February 23 or May 9.

Hand-made military airplane

Materials, tools:

  • a half-liter plastic bottle;
  • a set of colored cardboard;
  • aluminium foil;
  • Super glue;
  • simple pencil, scissors, ruler.

Step-by-step execution:

  1. Release the bottle from the label.
  2. Draw on the sheet of green cardboard details of the aircraft (wings, tail, propeller).
  3. To make a propeller, unscrew the cap from the bottle and circle the neck with a pencil. This will be the center of the propeller, which will be put on the neck.
  4. Cut out all the details.
  5. Propeller glued with foil and put on the thread of the bottle, fix it with the lid.
  6. To fix the wings, cut the bottle on the sides, approximately in the middle of the bottle. Slots should correspond to the width of the wing.
  7. Wings to stretch through these slits and set exactly in the middle.
  8. The final touch is to decorate the tail section.

military crafts

That's ready flying military equipment. Crafts on this subject are not necessary only for boys, we think that the girls will spend time with pleasure to produce a nice tank or airplane.

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