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Flower from mastic - a delightful decoration for cakes

flower from mastic
Do you like to make cakes? Do you like to decorate your sweet works? If so, find out how to make a flower from mastic so that in the future your cakes become real masterpieces.

All that is necessary for this creativity is to learntechnology of making sweet mass for modeling and a little imagination. And although your products, like any other cooking, will be "an art that lives only a moment," yet try to master it.

Mastic Recipe

For those confectioners who are just beginning to learn how to make a flower from mastic, a simpler and more convenient option is recommended - mastic milk.

• Mix milk and powdered sugar in a ratio of 1: 1.
• Add the same amount of condensed milk. All the ingredients are in equal quantity.
• You can add some food or natural dyes to give a certain shade.
• Mix the mixture until you achieve a consistency similar to children's clay.

Making flowers from mastic
flower from mastic master class

Try to remember the school lessons, on which you learned to sculpt various figures from plasticine. Act in the same order.

  • Spread the food film on the table and roll it into a thin layer of mastic. It can be sprinkled with a little sugar powder.
  • Cut with either a sharp knife or a small mold (a glass or a similar base) for petals and other necessary details.
  • Form the volumetric elements, connecting together the two sides of the petal at the base.
  • Dry the workpiece.

If you notice that during work, a flower frommastic sticks to your hands, add a little sugar powder. So that the mass does not wither, wrap it in film or parchment. Experienced confectioners advise not to get carried away with a lot of details from the mastic, so that the cakes are not harsh. Since the milk mastic has a natural cream-yellow hue, you can try another recipe for sweet weight if you want to make a soft blue or pink flower made of mastic.

Master-class on making a gelatin base for decorating cakes
manufacture of flowers from mastics

There are subtleties here. Because the gelatinous mastic is more capricious, it, as the confectioners like to say, it is necessary to "feel" it.
• Take 10 gr. gelatin, soak it in water (ten tablespoons) for an hour.
• Heat the composition in a water bath so that the gelatin is completely dissolved.
• Wait until it cools down.
• In a cool gelatin, but still liquid, gradually add 900 gr. of powdered sugar. Make sure that the mass is well-kneaded.
• Now roll out a very thin part of the mastic on the film (sprinkle it with sugar powder).
• Tear off fragments and with the help of ordinary teaSpoons form petals (for example, tulips) using its inner surface. Do the same on other spoons. Collect the dried elements directly on the cake.
If you understand the technology, how to make a flower frommastic, then other elements of decorating cakes (for example, little animals, small houses, figurines, delicate fragments) will no longer present a problem for you. Good luck!

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