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Hosiery: perfect skills

If you have only recently learned to type loops, thenDo not take immediately for complex patterns, practice doing neat facial and purl rows. For this, stocking is best suited. With it, you can hone the skill set of the main (front and back) loops. In addition, you will fill your hand and soon you will be able to knit so that they will all be even. Do not think that you do not need this skill. You will get beautiful and tidy products only if you learn how to fasten identical loops. In addition, it is hosiery that will help you learn how to work quickly with knitting needles.

For those who make their first steps in masteringtechniques for creating interesting threads from ordinary threads, detailed instructions are useful. So, if you are interested in hosiery technique, then, most likely, you have already learned how to type loops. Now is the time to find out what to do next. So, dial 2 spokes at least 20 or 30 loops. A smaller amount, though, will save a little time and labor, but it will not allow you to create suitable specimens of knitting on knitting needles, adequately assess the result and qualitatively work out skills.

Hosiery knitted
After typing the required number of loops, pull outone spoke and look at what you got. On the one hand (facial) work should be smooth, and with the other formed a number of nodules. Given that knitting after the set of loops must be turned over, the first row is better to start with the purl. Remove the first eyelet, in the next after it, enter the right needle toward you, grab the thread that should go before work, and pull it into the loop. Do not forget to remove the knitted eyelet from your left knitting needle. But this is not stocking, this is just the first row.

Turn over the future canvas, get to workabove the front. Do not forget to take off the first loop, place the thread behind the product. Now you need to figure out how to knit with facial. Insert the right knitting needle into the second loop in front of its front wall, grasp the thread and stretch it. As on the wrong side, do not forget to remove the knotted loop from the left knitting needle. In this way it is necessary to finish the whole series.

knitting patterns on knitting needles
Having mastered the set of front and back loops, youyou will understand that hosiery is easy to knit. You just need to rotate the rows so that only the facial on one side, and the purl loops on the other. As a result, the picture of the finished canvas looks like ticks on one side and as dashes-knots on the other. Starting with the back of the loop, remember that you have to knit all the odd numbers, even the even need to be tied with the front ones. By the way, be ready, that the bottom of such cloth will be twisted. That's why when creating products recommend starting with a rubber band or making a hard edge.

Hosiery helps to identify all the mistakesbeginners. Too tight or, conversely, free loops, their curvature and unevenness are evident from the front side of the product. Get rid of them only with time, when you begin to knit, without thinking about how, where and when you need to enter the needle, grab and stretch the thread. Then the process will go much faster, and the loops will only be more accurate.

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