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Jason Mercier: The Champion's Way

The world of poker, gambling and attractive, promisesmad money and destroys destinies. Network technology has allowed to participate in world poker competitions to a huge number of users, but only a few achieve significant success, and those who are at the top, become legends. Fans of tournament champions with admiration and, sometimes, with envy follow the biography and career of their idols, hoping at least in part to repeat their triumph.

The beginning of the way

Star player named Jason Mercier, photowhich is listed below, has risen rapidly in 2008. Unexpectedly for all, he won in the European poker tournament of the season 5 EPT, held in the Italian San Remo. The overall win of the champion then amounted to more than a million dollars, which could turn the head and more experienced players. As expected, the unexpected loud victory stunned the player and led to a series of major failures in the World Series of Poker in the same year. This did not break Jason, at the end of the year he was able to review the tactics of the game and his personal attitude to poker and confidently performed at the WSOPE and WPT competitions, and also won in the tournament for high-roller.

Jason Mercier

Further career of a professional playerDeveloped more or less exactly how stable the player's poker career can be. Almost at all competitions, Jason Mercier performed successfully, in 2009 he became the owner of the gold bracelet, a special sign of the champions of the tournament in the pot-limit Omaha tournament. The second such bracelet, he took over after 3 years in the same version of the game of poker.

Secret of success

What are the secrets of such outstanding players as Jason Mercier? Biography of a professional poker player started in Hollywood, where he was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, November 12, 1986. Being the youngest of four children in the family, Jason has grown accustomed to competitions since childhood. At school, he showed interest in the exact sciences and simultaneously became interested in poker. He played with friends, studying the mathematical side of the game. After school, Jason Mercier entered the Atlantic University of Florida to become a teacher, but the hobby for poker had already played a role, replacing study and sports enthusiasm in second place. Mercier lost his scholarship, and he had to leave the university. Jason did not despair, he settled in a children's sports school as an instructor and at the same time went to college. At that time, poker briefly fell out of his life, but later he discovered for himself online games. At the height of poker, while Jason saw open opportunities for himself and joined as a participant in network tournaments, which changed his destiny.

Jason Mercier Biography

Career of a professional poker player

It was in online poker that Jason felt the real taste of the game. Having won more than 2 million hands, he took one of the top lines in the ranking of the room Poker Stars, having received the elite status Supernova. Then followed his loud victories in offline. In 2009, Jason Mercier, whose poker had already become the main activity, was voted the best player by the magazine's version Bluff, having won besides a bracelet WSOP prize places in tournaments in Los Angeles, Barcelona and WSOPE. In the next 2010 he did not perform so well that he did not prevent him from taking prizes in London, San Remo, on WPT and win the North American Tournament. In 2011, in addition to receiving the second gold bracelet, he won the annual Five Diamonds tournament in honor of Doyle Brunson. In 2014-2015, Mercier also held high positions in tournaments, preferring high-roller competitions, where the stakes are higher, which means that the experience of players is more significant.

How much is the championship?

jason mercier photo

The first serious win of Jason in San Remo in2008 in the place with prize money amounted to about 1.3 million dollars. In the same year, he won more than $ 200,000 in Barcelona, ​​2009 brought the player about $ 230,000 in pot-limit Omaha and more than $ 440,000 in a tournament in Europe. The win at the North American tournament in 2010 was slightly less than half a million dollars. Pot-limit Omaha in the next year and Five diamonds in addition enriched the player to 1.3 million. The most financially successful performance is considered the second place in the tournament in Monte Carlo in 2013 with a win over 1.6 million dollars. In 2014 Mercier won in Barcelona 630 000 and in Texas more than 700 000 dollars. In total for 7 years Mercier only in an offline managed to win more than 10 million dollars.

Jason Mercier Poker

From talismans, Jason prefers a happyshirt and number 21, considering that they bring him good luck. The secret of his success, he confidently calls the family and loved ones who have always supported him, especially in difficult periods of life and career. Now Jason enjoys the sponsorship of the team Poker Stars and continues to successfully perform. His achievements are marked by the prestigious title "Golden Crown".

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