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Birthday card: the most important thing for a child is attention

Going for a birthday party, alwaysI want to come up with some original gift. After all, this adult person can be pleased, guessing about what he wants, to make a gift by agreement or in monetary terms. Another thing is a child expecting magic, unusual and exciting birthday greetings.

happy birthday card to your child

Postcard: trite or original

Previously, the attitude to the written wish wasmore trembling and meaningful than in the modern world. They were sent for long distances, they thawed a certain magnetism, having passed a long way from the addressee to the addressee. Today, the era of digital technologies has created new traditions, and at the same time, opportunities. A birthday card for a child is the case when you can attach importance to such a simple gift.

How to decorate, what to think up

An interesting option for the child will be a music card. Happy birthday, you can pick up a children's song and, accordingly, draw up a card. Besides,

musical birthday card
a postcard may conceal a surprise. For example, inside prepare a small pocket, and put a souvenir there. Try to remember or learn from your parents what the child is now interested in, what he likes. The wishes of the baby can be different, depending on the age. The contents can be a simple, but favorite forbidden candy or a chocolate, a toy. A paper doll with clothes will please the girl, details for a homemade airplane - a boy. Such a birthday card will be much more pleasant to a child than a simple decorated envelope with money, which is better to hand over to the elder. You can leave room for creativity, so that the kid something dorisoval on a postcard or docked. During the festive games, you can do this with the small guests. For sure, they will like the process of collective creativity.
happy birthday card

Good words to the culprit of the celebration

An excellent addition can be warm and sincere wishes in verse. For example, for a girl these words are suitable:


The girl-beauty is like a picture,
Beloved, fragile, like a blade of grass.
Eyes like diamonds so brightly shine,
A fluffy kitten calls you.
It's a year passed and you've become more mature,
There is no beauty in the world and you are dearer!
Let the sun shine you everywhere,
Believe in a fairy tale, good and, of course, a miracle!
We wish the child the fulfillment of desires,
Successful and easy for you to begin.

Birthday card for a child boy


With all my heart, baby, we congratulate you,

congratulations to the boy

Rush soon for the joy of my mother!

We wish a long, happy life,

Beloved to be and most obedient.

Be healthy, immensely happy,

To be sad not to know, never to be lazy.

To be a caring, kind and loving son.

So that my father and mother could be proud!


Very impressive will look imagesthe birthday. A birthday card with a child, decorated with his own photos, will undoubtedly cause everyone to be delighted. Ask parents in advance for funny and most successful photos and try to make a collage by hand, cutting out the necessary fragments and inserting them in a certain order. You can use a special photo editor and create a digital collage. Surprise and please the children with your interesting ideas!

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