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Hats for girls themselves: a master class

From this article you can learn how to makeself hats for little women of fashion. Of course, to get a spectacular time product will take a lot, but it's worth it. Moreover, for today, the options for making hats are many and each in its own way is original and interesting.

Variants of hats for girls

So, if desired, hats for girls with their ownhands to do quite simply. Of course, you have to work hard, experiment. However, you can create individual masterpieces, which no one else has. For example, a very interesting version of the mini-hat, which sits on the invisible and just decorates your girl's head, like a hairpin.

Very interesting little hats for princesses, which are performed on the rims. They can be decorated very variously and effectively, for example, beads, rhinestones, bows and ribbons.

hats for your hands for girls

They can be executed from various materials -cardboard, colored paper, fabric. Also various can be headdress decorations - bright nets, beads, New Year's tinsel, shoelaces and the like.

Headgear made of cardboard

This kind of hats is the most popular. They are very simple to do. They can be either high or low, both large and small. Perhaps, for today the most popular hat from a cardboard by own hands is a usual cylinder and a miniature hat on a side. Each of these options has its own scope.

From ordinary cardboard, you can make different versions of hats. For example, a huge cylinder of the Hatter from the movie "Alice in Wonderland" or an ordinary cowboy with a pen. There are many options.

hats for little women of fashion

Using a small cardboard cylinder, you canperform a glamorous miniature hat on the rim, which will please many ladies. It can easily be put on a ball or just for a solemn event.

Mini hat on the rim. Necessary materials

So, let's consider how to make a mini-hat under the bezel with your own hands. For its manufacture we will need:

  • two types of scissors (close and zigzag);
  • tweezers;
  • pencil;
  • compass;
  • needle and thread;
  • ruler;
  • glue;
  • five small feathers;
  • dense cardboard;
  • cardboard cylinder;
  • white and black lace;
  • beads of two colors;
  • ribbons for decoration;
  • dense glue pad (shabrak);
  • black knitted fabric;
  • black large bead.

Of course, if desired, all the elements can be varied, adding and removing for your taste.

Manufacturing process

So, during the creation of the hat for girls with their ownhands, work must begin with the cutting and preparation of the elements. Cut out a circle of cardboard and lining fabric, after glue the shabrak to knitwear. Use the iron for this.

Now take the zigzag scissors, cut themouter edge of the circle, which will reduce the shedding of tissue. After this, you should make a marking on the wrong side with a simple pencil to fasten the rim (since it is on it that the hat on the head will hold).

how to make a mini hat under the bezel with your own hands

Now take the cardboard cylinder and glue it onits bottom. Cut out of the knitwear circle, which will be equal to the diameter of the bottom of the cylinder. Add a few more centimeters. Now glue it on the bottom and wrap it a bit on the cylinder.

The next step in making theHands for girls will be cutting bands of jersey. We will need it to cover the cylinder, so calculate its width and height, based on the size of your product. To the length and height add a few centimeters (the place of concreting).

Now sew a piece of fabric so that you havethe cylinder has turned out. Press one upper part about one centimeter. Stroke also the seam. Now glue the cylinder on the cardboard and bend the lower sections to the inside (they also need to be glued).

Now let's start making fields at the capwith my own hands for girls. Cut out the circle of the diameter that you want to have near the fields of the headdress. Exactly the same circle (only more by two centimeters) should be cut out of jersey. In width, it should be the same as the radius of your fields (plus an additional one and a half centimeters). Sew a strip into a ring and press one side of the cut somewhere about one centimeter.

master class how to make a hat of a cylinder with your own hands

Now glue the side that you pressed, from the wrong side to the margins. From the outer edge, assemble the jersey using a thread and a needle. Now sew the lace edges of the fields.

Glue the finished cylinder on the ready-made field of the hat. Decorate it with prepared lace, and on top glue the beads. Then you need tweezers. Then glue the feathers of guinea-pigs, and next to them - a bow. Decorate it with a bead.

At the very beginning we were preparing the bottom of the fields, in which there are slits. Insert the hinges there and glue them. Then glue this blank to the margins and thread the bezel. The hat is ready.

Cotton hat. Materials and the beginning of production

This kind of headgear is prettyuniversal thing, as it can easily be used for carnival, as well as for a festive or social event. If you decide to buy yourself a hat, it's easy to do it yourself at home, which will cost you much cheaper. So, let's describe a detailed master class, how to make a hat of a cylinder with your own hands.

What materials do you need:

  • black cardboard;
  • glue;
  • sharp pencil;
  • Scotch;
  • sharp scissors;
  • ruler and centimeter;
  • ornaments to taste.

Now you need to measure the circumference of your head. Measure out just enough cardboard in length, plus add three centimeters for gluing. The height of the cylinder is optional.

cardboard hat

Now you need to cut the bottom of the headdress. To do this, twist the cut strip and place it on the cardboard. Circle the circle. Now it is necessary to draw one more - external, which diameter will be more by several centimeters. Cut out the resulting circle over a larger diameter. Make incisions along the line from the outer circle to the small one. Bend them inward one way.

Cut out the fields of the hat. Determine their size and circle them. Make an inner circle that is equal to the diameter of the cylinder. Cut the cardboard along the inner outer edge. In addition, you should draw another circle that will equal the diameter of the cylinder. Only inside it it is necessary to create another such figure, which will be smaller than the diameter of the cylinder. Cut out everything and make cuts from the inner circle to the outer circle.

Cotton hat. Assembly

So, now proceed to assembling the cylinder-hatsfor girls with their own hands. Glue the product with glue. For accuracy, use adhesive tape on the inner seam. Now put the glue on the ends of the "fringe" of the bottom of the cap, gently insert them into the cylinder and also firmly fix with adhesive tape.

hats for girls with their own hands

Now let's deal with the fields. Take a circle with curved notches and glue it with the margins so that the incisions are sticking upwards (glue from under the bottom of the fields). Then apply glue on the bent parts and glue them to the cylinder from the inside. Secure everything with scotch tape.

So, you have a cylinder. To make it look beautiful, you can top (with a choice) drape it with a cloth or a net, decorate with ribbon, beads, rhinestones, insert a pen. The hat is ready.


So, now you know what you can makehats for girls with their own hands. Having a little imagination and decorating the product, you can get a real work of art that will taste not only you, but also your little fashionista.

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