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We make a flower from corrugated paper with our own hands

I suggest you make interesting crafts fromcorrugated paper. Flowers will turn out beautiful and natural. You can come up with them and do it yourself. If you do not hope for your imagination, we suggest you use our offers. Here are options for how to make flowers from corrugated paper. The schemes for them are very simple.

The first of the proposed options is a rose.

corrugated paper flower

First prepare all the necessary petals (5small, 15 pieces in the form of a heart, 3 green leaves, 1 for a cup). You can do this by carving each separately, or folding the paper several times and cutting out the right number of pieces at once.

flowers from corrugated paper circuits

Prepare the wire and the flower ribbon. This will make it easier for you to work and help make your flower from corrugated paper.

handmade corrugated paper flowers

You need to start with the trunk. To do this, wrap the three wires together with tape. Wind them as tight as possible. It is better to have a wet towel at hand. During the work with the tape, hands become sticky, they need to be wiped.

corrugated paper flower 1

Form your petals. To do this, stretch them from the center to the edges, giving them the shape of real flower details. Do not be afraid to pull the paper. The main thing is not to stretch the center of the petal. The upper edges are best to curl with a pencil. You need to do this by slightly stretching the paper. The same should be done with large heart shaped petals.

corrugated paper flower

Now from 5 small petals you need to form your bud. First tightly wrap the first around the stem. Then the second and so on. When attaching them, rotate the stem.

Now you need to fix all the petals on the stem. Tightly wrap the tape attachment point and go down the rod.

flowers from corrugated paper circuits

Then start adding the remaining 15 petals. You can fasten one or several at a time. Rotate the stem, distribute them evenly.

Correct the petals, again giving them the desired shape. After attaching a few, fix them with a tape. The last few petals should be placed after you carefully examine your flower from corrugated paper and choose the most suitable place for them. We finish the work, fixing everything with a floral ribbon. Now attach the green leaves to the calyx of the flower. Wrap the bottom of the rose in them.

The middle of each sheet should be greased with a lot of glue and put one of the prepared wires along it.

flowers from corrugated paper circuits

Fold the sheet in half and glue it along the stem. Allow to dry thoroughly. Open the sheets, giving them the desired shape. Wrap the paper with green paper. Glue it on top and bottom with a drop of glue.

Make three leaves for the flower. Fasten the wire to them on the main trunk with tape and wrap the entire stem with green paper. Your corrugated paper flower is ready.

flowers from corrugated paper circuits

To create a second version of the flower you
will need:

- 6-7 rolls of 180 gram corrugated paper, cut into sheets of 50x70 cm;

- 6-7 large clips;

- thick wire for the stem;

- scissors.

handmade corrugated paper flowers

Beginning to create a flower from corrugated paper,first fold each piece of paper individually with an accordion. The width of the fold should be 5-8 cm. Do not try to align them too much. Secure each bundle with a paper clip.

Starting with the second, you need to cut off at 2.5-5 cm in length from each subsequent one.

Scissors to give the ends a round or pointed shape. Do not worry about the unevenness of the performance. It will give the flower a naturalness. Align the paper clips so that they are at the center of each beam.

corrugated paper flowers scheme 4

Cut creases by folds to the middle of allparties. Now put the sheets of paper from bigger to smaller. Make sure that the not cut part in the center of the sheets coincides. When you are done, collect the sheets together again into an accordion. In the middle wind and tie them with wire.

flowers from corrugated paper circuits 7

Proceed to the separation of the petals. Separate one layer and straighten. Try to stretch the paper so that it remains open. If necessary, you can trim the scissors with the scissors.

Your second corrugated paper flower is ready.

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