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Secrets of board games: how to win in tic-tac-toe

In the world there is a whole lot of interesting andfun little board games. And almost every one of them has some kind of secret, knowledge of which allows you to be the main contender for victory. In this case, we will talk about the perfect game of crosses and noughts. So, how to win in tic-tac-toe?

As already mentioned above, almost all suchgames have their secret. In this case, this secret consists of the ability to anticipate the situation and the ability to create a situation. That is, it's like chess, only a simpler version. So before you win in crosses and tic-tac-toe, you need to learn a few simple tricks.

how to win tic-tac-toe
First of all, it is worth knowing that the main principlevictory is to create two not completely filled lines. With this option, the next move of the opponent will be absolutely not important (unless, of course, this is not a winning move). To create such a favorable situation, it is best to take a place in the center of the field. Even more, in fact, there is no other way to win in tic-tac-toe. If, of course, the opponent is not a complete layman (and sometimes it is).

So, for the victory it is highly desirable to be likethe first and in the center. If the opponent put his figure in any of the central lines - he automatically played. The main thing in this case is to know the very essence of the game of crosses and noughts. So, if

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the rival was so incautiousThus, we have to put our cross in one of the corners, and so that it simultaneously blocks the further advance of the noch. Further, he has no choice but to become defensive (and this must have been done since the very first move). Zero in any scenario becomes in the opposite corner. Then our cross should be placed again in the corner. What we have? And we have just two lines of two crosses. Hence, the following actions of the opponent are absolutely not important to us. At any of its course we win.

In the event that, again, we go first and weput his figure in the center, and the opponent puts his figure in a corner - then the chances for victory are significantly reduced. In fact, there is only one possible option that will not allow this party to be reduced to a draw. When the opponent responded to our move with his zero in the corner, it is necessary to put a cross in the opposite direction. The opponent has three possible moves. If he again puts his figure in a corner - it's a draw. If he chooses the central lines, this is a loss. As with one of his moves, and with another, everything becomes obvious, and there's no need to explain how to win tic-tac-toe.

crosses and toes
As for when the opponent startsmatch - then in this case almost everything is the same, only with reverse accuracy. If his figure is set in the center, you need to become defensive and forget how to win tic-tac-toe, because here the only possible option is a draw.

And if his figure is placed on the first move in any of the eight cells in addition to the central one, then it is necessary to occupy this center, and there already act according to the circumstances.

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