/ / It is not necessary to be able to knit complex patterns with knitting needles - braids adorn the product

It is not necessary to be able to knit complex patterns with knitting needles - braids adorn the product

Of course, all of us, adults, children, lovedress up. And the original clothes attracts especially. Things, sewn or connected with their own hands, were in vogue always, as they are unique and unrepeatable. Needlework helps to create your image, style. Therefore, knitwear is so highly valued, especially now, in the age of modern technology. Patterns, knitting needles or crochets, make the products very diverse.

jacquard patterns with knitting needles

Technique for finishing braids

One of the original and fairly simple patternsknitting is a scythe. It is sufficient to be able to perform the front and back loops in order to obtain the desired ornament. The whole secret is to throw a group of loops in different directions and combinations.

How to make woven patterns with knitting needles, let's consideron the example of knitting double plaits. The selected motif consists of 16 loops. The wrong side is knitted according to the pattern, that is, over the face loops - the front ones, over the purlins - the purlins.

knitting patterns

Legend: and. etc. - purl loops, l. etc. - facial loops.

The first, second, third rows - 2 and. etc., 12 liters. Sec., 2 and. P.

The fourth row is 2 and. P., remove the three loops on the auxiliary spoke and leave for work, 3 liters. etc., tie the loops with the help of the auxiliary knitting needles, remove the three hinges on the auxiliary knitting needle and leave before work, 3 liters. etc., tie the loops with the help of the auxiliary knitting needles, 2 and. P.

The fifth, sixth, seventh rows - as the first.

The eighth row is like the fourth.

Continuing the weave, repeat 1-4 rows. As a result, you will get an upwards pigtail, standing out of two, located side by side. If we change the principle of throwing additional loops in 4 and similar rows, then the braid will be directed from the top down.

bicoloured patterns with knitting needles

Patterns made withvarious interlacing, are widely used in such products as plaids, pillows, hats, scarves, sweaters, pullovers. Perhaps a combination of different ornaments, which will give the product an elegant look.

Using different colors when knitting

Another way to decorate a product can bea combination of threads of several shades. Take for knitting yarn two or three contrasting colors, which are combined. The easiest variant of color knitting is to alternate rows, it is more difficult to make a pattern according to the scheme. Even a small finish will make the product more elegant. Two-color patterns with knitting needles delight the eye with originality and colorfulness.

knitting patterns
Extra yarn for knitting alsoIt is used to perform jacquard patterns with knitting needles. The principle of this technique is that, with the help of a different color yarn, an ornament is erased on the face of the face, while the strings of the threads are placed on the underside. The structure of the material must be always the same, that is, have one thickness and quality. The multicolor can turn out even in the event that the yarn in its structure is the colors that go from one to the other. Any patterns with knitting needles will be appropriate here.

Even beginners can apply topractice simple tips for creating unique knitted products. Everything depends on desire and imagination. Knitted clothes are modern, beautiful, fashionable. At the same time it is always comfortable in it, because it feels the warmth of the hands, which created a thing for their loved ones and relatives. Therefore, models made by themselves will provide you with a wonderful mood and joy.

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