/ Topiary of cones with own hands. Master class for beginners

Topiary of cones with their own hands. Master class for beginners

Topiary, and in other words, the tree of happiness,today is a very timely gift to any person for any celebration. They are made of a variety of materials: flowers, sweets, coffee beans, napkins. But in this article we will talk about such artificial trees, as topiary of cones of coniferous plants.

topiary of cones

Your attention is a step-by-stepmaster class for the manufacture of this type of product. Having studied the information presented in it, and having prepared all the necessary materials for work, you can easily make a real tree of happiness with your own hands.

Topiary of cones. Preparing for execution

For the production of a tree we need the following materials:

  • capacity (glass, plastic, clay);
  • bamboo cloth;
  • a dry branch or several of a tree or a bush;
  • a foam ball;
  • cones of coniferous plants;
  • gypsum;
  • thermo-gun;
  • a piece of burlap;
  • tape or braid;
  • decorative moss;
  • Spray "Snow" in a can or silver paint.

Learning to make topiary of cones. Master Class

  1. Decoration of the pot. Capacity (trimmed plastic bottle, old cup without handle, flower pot) measure in circumference and in height. For these dimensions, cut out the canvas from the bamboo napkin and attach it to the pot with an adhesive gun. From the burlap, draw a strip about 4-5 centimeters wide and wrap it around the container. On the top, tie a bow from ribbon or ribbon. It turns out a very original design of the pot "under the tree."
    topiary of cones master class
  2. Decoration of the crown and trunk of a tree. Foam plastic ball pierce with a branch, pour glue into the hole and glue the barrel. You can execute it from several branches at once, but they should not be thick. When the blank dries, glue the cones on the ball tightly one to the other. Color the crown of the tree with paint from a can or simply sprinkle with a spray that mimics the snow. Leave the product to dry.
  3. Joining blanks in the composition. Divide the gypsum according to the instructions given on the package, and pour it into the pot. At the center, insert the main part (the trunk with the crown), hold it for a few minutes, until the solution has solidified slightly. Leave the artifact to dry in a warm room.
  4. Topiary of cones: the stage of decoration. Spacing between the cones fill with sisal fiber or paste there small artificial sprigs of needles. You can attach natural walnuts or hazelnuts. If the stick-barrel looks unaesthetic, then wrap it with a string or corrugated paper. Gypsum in a pot is covered with artificial moss, gluing it with a thermo-pistol. Under the tree, you can plant a decorative bird or put a small cone.

That's revealed all the secrets of making such a beautiful product, like a topiary of cones.

topiari of cones photo
The photos presented in the article clearlyshow that such crafts can be not only of round shape, but also in the form of a cone. Such a topiary reminds herringbone. On the eve of New Year's holidays, it can be done to decorate your home or as a gift to friends or relatives. As decorative elements for this tree use small Christmas toys, "rain", snowflakes.

Topiary of cones belong to the category of handicraftsunder the name "vintage". For their manufacture, throwing and improvising materials and gifts of nature are used. You have to spend only on paint and glue. For very little money you get an original and very beautiful product. Create beauty with pleasure!

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