/ / We prepare Christmas decoration for the house with our own hands

We prepare Christmas decoration for the house with our own hands

Decorate your house for the New Year you want everyonea person, regardless of age. True, there are souvenirs and Christmas trees are not cheap, so New Year's decoration for the house with their own hands is much more profitable. And it's nice to see the results of your work in the case, especially to the kids.

New Year's decoration for the house with your own hands

New Year's decoration for the house with your own hands from macaroni

It's just amazing how the most common items inhands of masters-fantasers acquire a new status. For example, pasta turns into charming carved snowflakes. By the way, they can be covered with sequins and hang around the room on threads of different lengths, and can be used as Christmas ornaments.

New Year's decoration for the house with your own hands of wool

To craftmen to roll products from an unkempt woolyou can make a wide variety of souvenirs as a gift to guests and for hanging out, both on the tree and in the room. And, any options are suitable: snowmen and squirrels, miniature boots and funny hippos. Even the usual, like a completely different from the New Year theme, a green cucumber can be made "New Year". You just need to put on him a hilarious Santa Claus hat.

New Year's decorations for the house

New Year's decoration for the house with your own hands from fabric

But it's really hard to come up with anything moreoriginal, than sewn from a fabric flat New Year's balls. Well, of course, these are not real round balls, but only their imitation. But they can be done quickly, without almost any skills. Just paste on the paperboard cloth, after drying the glue cut circles, glue the funny mouths and eyes, cut from colored paper, on the toy, decorate the loop. "Balls" can turn into funny animals, aliens, and friends, if you use small photos.

New Year's decorations for the house: sparkling asterisks

This product also does not require special skills formanufacturer. Yes, and materials will require the very minimum. Cardboard, PVA glue, New Year's rain and thread for suspension. Cut out a cardboard sprocket with an adhesive, this layer is poured finely chopped New Year's rain. Repeat the procedure for the other side, in parallel under the glitter-raincoat by inserting the ends of the hinges for hanging. Simple, but agree, with taste!

Christmas decorations made of paper

Christmas decorations made of paper - striped lanterns

To make such a flashlight is a pleasure! It is necessary to cut several strips of the same width from colored paper. One is made of such a height as the flashlight itself will be. The other two measure a little longer. Then the next pair is prepared, which differs from the previous one even longer. Then add all the strips in a pile so that the short was in the middle, and the length of the strips laid on each side of it gradually increased. The ends of the strips on one side are fastened: you can glue, you can use a stapler, you can thread them with stitches. Now they equalize the remaining ends and also fasten them. You can make a flashlight from 7, 9, 11 bands - this is how much the master has enough patience and imagination.

Christmas decoration - balls from postcards

Christmas decorations - balls from postcards

If you take a few bright cards or the usualcolored cardboard, then you can make a charming ball. It will require some trigonometric thinking, so the kid alone can not cope with such a craft. Cut out five-petalled flowers, at the base of the petals make incisions - exactly up to the middle. Then, two flowers are joined, inserting the incisions on the petals one into the other until they stop. Take the next flower - it will already connect with the received design two petals: one - with one flower, and another petal - with another flower.

As can be seen from the article, it is not difficult at all to decorate the premises in an original way for the New Year. And it can be done with low costs, it is only necessary to put your imagination and hands.

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