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How to make a dog from the balls "sausages": step by step instruction

Wishing to entertain children, parents are ready for much. But sometimes, in order to interest the child, you do not have to spend huge sums on toys, just buy long balls. But keep in mind that it will be difficult to inflate their mouths, take care of the pump.

How to make a dog from balls of sausages

Material selection

One of the most common figures isdoggie from a long ball. With the help of her parents, even a child can do it. To create such a toy you will need a conventional inflated ball-sausage. Please note that they vary in length and width. For the dog, the balls that are marked with the number 260 are better suited. It means that in the inflated form the "sausage" is 2 inches wide and 60 inches long (corresponding to 5 and 150 cm). Even on sale, you can find thicker versions, but the doggies of them come out not so pretty.

Creating a dog: all the nuances of work

Before you tie it, do not forgetcheck if you have left a free tail about 20 cm long. Now you can proceed to find out how to make a dog from the balls "sausages". First of all, take the ball so that it is convenient for you to turn it from the side where it is tied. Make 3 small sausages in a row, each of them should be about 5 cm long. Now it is necessary to twist 2 and 3 separated parts between each other. As a result, you will have a head and ears that look up.

Sausage ball of sausage

The next stage of how to make a dog fromballs "sausages", is the creation of the neck and legs. Their production is no different from the previous stage. Twist another 3 sausages, 2 and 3 of them put together in the base. This will be the legs of your dog, the remaining piece of the ball between them and the head with the ears should resemble the neck.

Now you need to make the body of the animal. It should be a little longer, the right size for him to choose yourself. But keep in mind, the more this site will be, the stronger your dog from the ball-sausage will resemble the dachshund. You can experiment by making a body for your figure of different lengths. So, measure the required distance and twist the sausage. Follow it similarly make 3 more small parts - it will be the hind legs and tail. Leave a long sausage, and follow it shortly with each other. So at you it will turn out to make at once a body, back legs and a tail of a small animal. By the way, do not think that you can do without the last coil. It is the tail that will hold the entire back of the toy, with its help its legs are fixed.

A dog from a long ball

Is it worth trying?

Even if it seemed to you, what to understand with that,how to make a dog from the balls, "sausages" is difficult, believe me, it's not at all. It is much longer to read the description than to perform the described manipulations. Try it once, it becomes clear that even a 6-year-old baby can do it. But if your child likes it, be prepared to constantly listen to the characteristic creak of the ball when twisting. This sound does not bother the children, but many adults can be annoyed. Also, keep in mind that doing the same thing is always uninteresting, so you will have to deal not only with how to make a dog from the sausage balls, but also find out the nuances of making flowers, tigers, giraffes, cubs and even trees. But ordinary balls can lure a child for a long time, and at the same time it will develop its coordination, motor skills, spatial imagination and, of course, fantasy.

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