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How to make ribbons from ribbons with your own hands

How to make an original friendship bracelet? For this purpose, the most diverse

baubles of 2 ribbons
materials: beads, threads, even soft wire. And you can make a unique decoration for a friend from bright ribbons. The process is easy, fun and suitable even for beginners in needlework.

Preparation for work

To understand how to make a baubles ofribbons, we will consider in order each stage of their weaving. Initially, you must select several bright strips from the atlas of the desired length and quantity. The optimal size is one hundred centimeters. Very impressive look ornaments from satin strips of contrasting colors. Well, shall we begin? Two ribbons must be tied together and fixed on the work surface. It can be, for example, a desk or a soft pillow. As fixing tools, respectively, will act as an adhesive tape or pin. By the time the whole process of creating an ornament will take several minutes.

How to make a miracle of two ribbons

how to make ribbons from ribbons
Let's consider how to make a bunch of ribbons from ribbons,using a flat netting. This option is most common. In the beginning, we must put two strips in the form of loops crosswise. Let's get to work. Now you need one tape (for example, white) to wrap around the other (pink). Then in the first loop pass the second, holding the last, carefully tighten the loop. Now from the white tape you need to fold the loop and let the remaining pink ribbon pass through it. Securely fixing the first strip, tighten the bundle. Similarly, we continue the weaving until the necessary length of the bracelet is reached. At the end of the loop, you need to pass the ribbon and pull both strips in different directions to securely fix the work. So you get banners from 2 ribbons, bright and beautiful. In conclusion, the ends of the tissue must be treated with fire, so that they do not crumble. From the tapes you can create both very simple models, and original ones, even trendy ones. For example, only three color or monophonic satin strips can be weaved. Decorate the bracelet with such decorative elements as beads, crystals, chains, etc.

Weaving from several ribbons

Ways how to make a bunch of ribbons from ribbons,There are many. Based on the above described option, you can weave a bracelet of four or even six fabric strips. The principle is the same. First, a loop is formed on each ribbon and a knot is tied. Then one must turn them one by one in turn and carefully tighten the first one. Further weaving goes as follows. You should take the ribbon, which is located on the bottom, on the left. It folds and goes through the loop on the right. They will tell how the braids of ribbons are weaving, the schemes by which the craftsmen share on specialized sites or in the pages of magazines on needlework. We are presenting to your attention a photo on which the process itself is depicted.

ribbons from the ribbons of the circuit

Here is another option, how to make a baubles ofribbons: you can apply the technique of weaving macrame. To do this, you need to take a satin strip, lying on the right, and tie it to the knot closest to it, pull it to the base. Then repeat and make another one close. Similarly, go through all the stripes. The tapes change their position. Now the first of them was the last, and its place was taken by the second. The result is a very interesting bracelet.

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