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How to make a fox out of paper: an easy way

Children from an early age like to make differentcrafts from all that is at hand: from plasticine, cardboard, clay, cones, acorns ... But especially they like to make unusual products of paper and cardboard. They are interested in how to make a fox mask out of paper, as well as other animals.

In the modern world, the hobby for Japanese techniques of arts and crafts - origami is widespread. This is folding out of paper unusual figures, while not using either scissors or glue.

There are several kinds of origami: it is simple origami, and Kusudama, wet folding and folding according to the unfolding. Each type has its own technique of execution, which allows you to create unusual original things.

How to make a paper fox in the technique of origami

Using this technique, you can create fast andjust figurines of animals. It is good and convenient because the child does not get dirty during lessons, there is no danger from sharp and stitching objects. And most importantly, origami allows to develop the child's creative abilities and imagination, fine motor skills and perseverance.

Now we can proceed to a practical explanation,how to make a fox out of paper. For this, paper of square shape is taken. It folds in half, forming a triangle. Then the two extreme corners of the triangle are bent to the third central corner. The workpiece is turned to the other side and folded in half. It turns out a triangle.

One side is bent outward, the central side is folded diagonally. The head and ears of the fox form. It remains only to draw cunning eyes, nose and mouth.

how to make paper fox
Of course, a fox of paper can be made not only in the style of origami. You can also use several pieces of paper, gluing them together.

How to make paper fox with scissors and glue

On the cardboard four parts are cut out: head, legs and trunk. They are glued together and four cones are produced. Then the head and legs are attached to the body. Everything is painted in orange. You can also glue an apron, hair, handkerchief, eyes, and so on to this workpiece. This example will show the children how to make fox out of paper, letting them know about it better.

how to make a fox mask out of paper
And the mask of the fox is made even easier: the holes for the peephole are cut, the nose and the ears are drawn first.

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