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How to make a chandelier of threads yourself: a master class

Art - in other words, this direction alreadyyou can not call it - hand-made today is becoming more popular every day. People selflessly and with enviable persistence make all kinds of things with their own hands, which then are very successfully decorated not only country houses and household plots, but also interiors of apartments. First, all the same, such hand-made articles are really unique, because you can not get anything like that in the store. Secondly, this is a great way to save some money, because, as we all know, price tags even for the most insignificant items of the same household make even the owners of quite large purses wince.


We create ourselves

So let us also join the amazingthe world of handicraft creativity. And let's talk about how to do something useful and beautiful. For example, a designer lampshade in the form of a ball of improvised materials. As the last, let's take the thread. And do not lose, believe me. Chandelier of thread, with his own hands and with love made, decorate any room. Yes, and will cause undisguised envy of neighbors and friends. Still would. Few can boast of the fact that one of his rooms in the apartment is illuminated by a hand-made lampshade. Therefore, let's not waste time on words. We proceed. So: "Chandelier of threads: a master class." Go!

What we need

First, let's talk about what we will need to have to implement the idea, and then discuss specifically some of the individual details. We reserve:

  • air balloon;
  • a large skein of cotton thread;
  • petroleum jelly;
  • special glue for decoupage (0.5 liters);
  • corn starch;
  • a large cut of oilcloth or polyethylene.

chandelier ball of thread


As for the ball, its size should bethe way you want to see the future shade. Here it is necessary to take into account one nuance. A homemade chandelier made of thread of small dimensions is simply not intended for use in bulbs of high power. Therefore, if you plan to hang it in a large room, then the size of such a chandelier should be more solid. And you still need to have a cord with a cartridge and a bowl for fixing. You can make it yourself from the materials purchased in the store, but the ideal option is to find a suitable one from the already consumed lamp. As for the choice of threads, we already choose what we like best and fits in color and texture. Thin or thick - it does not matter much.

Preparatory stage

A chandelier of threads is made by handvery simple. So do not be afraid, all we can do it. We start with the most simple and for many of the usual process - inflate the balloon. Not particularly zealous, because if he is going to be very tight, it may crack under the weight of our future lampshade. And to make it easier to see where and how to wind the thread, the ball is better to buy bright colors.

On the top of our layout draw with a markerA circle corresponding to the diameter of the fastener on which the lampshade will be held. To the "tail" tie the thread, and then hang the ball to the ceiling. Since the process by which a chandelier of threads will be created by hand, rather dirty by itself, then under the ball it is necessary to put the oilcloth prepared by us. And after that, without regretting petroleum jelly, very generously we lubricate the entire surface of the ball. This is necessary in order that when our chandelier with its own hands is already fully made, we could easily remove it from the layout.

chandelier of thread master class

Now we need decoupage glue halfdilute with water. And then add corn starch in small portions until the mixture has a consistency that the glue had before dilution. Perhaps, that's all. On this preparatory stage can be considered complete. You can proceed directly to the process itself.

Process technology

But directly to the stage of manufacturingit would be nice to attract another person. So it will go faster, and much more fun. Someone will hold the bucket and let the thread pass through the glue, and someone will wrap the ball around it. The first row is best wound vertically, the second row is horizontal. And then in any order. The only thing you need to remember. You do not need to make the lampshade very dense, because in this form it will miss very little light. Unless, of course, this is our main goal. Therefore, we still try to leave gaps between the threads, but we wind up, which is important, as evenly as possible. When everything is finished, you need to leave the construction alone for a day - let it dry.

And then remove from the ceiling and pierce the ball with a needle. As a result, we already have an almost ready lampshade in our hands. But that it was even stronger, it can be covered with a clear varnish. When it dries, it will only be necessary to assemble the lampshade and the cartridge with the mount. After that, under the sound of fanfare and applause from the household, a chandelier made of thread, with its own hands, patiently and carefully manufactured, sets itself on its rightful place - under the ceiling. The master class is passed.

homemade chandelier of thread


Chandelier ball of thread - it's not the only onekind of such product. In a similar way, it is possible to produce plafonds and lampshades of various configurations, using as a mock-up not balloons, but other auxiliary materials (plastic bottles, cups and the like). However, the same balls today are also sold not only round. Fantasize! And experiment!

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