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Unfading beauty: weaving flowers from beads

weaving of flowers from beads
These cute bouquets will become a pleasant unfading gift for your loved ones.

Field bouquet

Let's get acquainted with the most simple circular technique. Weaving flowers with beads for beginners usually occurs after acquaintance with this simple pattern. Making such buds is simple and fast, and the result will definitely please you. So, let's make a simple bouquet of wildflowers. We will need beads of blue and white shades, as well as a few large yellow beads for the middle. Here is the sequence of work stages:

- Dial a large number of beads on the wire for weaving.

Beading Flowers for Beginners

- Fold the first ten pieces in the ring and twist the wire to get the first loop.

- Wind the resulting workpiece with another turn of the beads and fix it again.

- Repeat the same action a third time. You have one petal ready.

- Do this way all five petals, collecting them on one wire.

- In the middle, insert another beadcontrasting color and larger in size. Weaving flowers from beads in this way will be your favorite hobby, and you can get not only such buds, but, for example, roses or other similar.

Elegant Necklace

weaving flowers beads for beginners

Often this is a rather long and tedious occupation- Weaving with beads. Flowers for beginners can be assembled in an elegant necklace. It's much faster and easier to get. Just look at this beauty from the wire and crystal beads! This will cope with the schoolboy, and as a result, both a necklace and a bracelet can be made in this technique. The main thing is to choose high-quality material of pleasant combined tones.

Herbera's span


If you have never done this hobby, thenWeaving of flowers from beads is worth starting in the ways described above. The gerberas should be transferred somewhat later. To do this you will need several types of beads of different colors, a round grid with a diameter of 3 cm, a rod, a fishing line, a wire and a thin needle. If you've never worked with a grid, it's much easier than it seems. This will be the base of the flower. On it we first embroider the middle. Let it be black beads, located in a circle of 5 pieces in diameter. To make the flower turn out to be three-dimensional, it is necessary to lay it in several rows - 4 or 5. And then tie the received cylinder with beads of a different color. Try to do it chaotically, leaving columns or semicircles. So you give the flower a natural velvety. When you tied the net, you should get a fluffy sun with a black center. Now proceed to the petals. They should be oblong with sharp corners. You can collect them in the above technique. Such weaving of colors from beads is used very often. It remains only to attach the petals with wire to the grid. Everything, the flower is ready. Collect the buds you can and need on the rod, which can also be tied with beads for beauty and even greater effect.

rose from beads


If you think that this hobby will not bring youno pleasure, then you probably have not tried it yet. This meditative occupation suits a person of any age. A ready-made work can become an elegant decoration of the hat, decorative kitchen panels, table decor and so on. Weaving flowers from beads can also be of an applied nature. You can decorate these products with a bag, a necklace, a postcard, finally. Let your fantasy dance, and it will be where to go for a walk!

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