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Knitting an owl with knitting needles. Diagram and detailed description of the work

Those who learn to knit begin with masteringtechnology, the study of basic terms and a simple set of loops. Then they try to knit the canvas with purl and face loops. With the acquisition of experience master the interlacing of harnesses and braid, and then go on to magnificent ornaments and azhura. In this article we will learn to knit a very beautiful and mysterious pattern of "Owl" knitting needles. The scheme will be proposed in the description of the work.

owl with knitting needles

A separate element of the finished product

The owl represents wisdom and patience. Such a pattern will decorate any knitted thing. Sweet-beaks with large round eyes effectively look at the hats for children. Also, the element can be tied to a female mitten or sweater. In men's clothing, this pattern will look no less original and mysterious. When knitting an owl with knitting needles, facial loops are used, which are tied on the purplish surface. This method gives the pattern a convexity, so it looks impressive and original.

Description and design of the owl with knitting needles

The initial cloth on which thepattern must be bred purl loops. Or you can around the circuit "Owl" spoke vyvyazat frame of the loops about 2-3 cm. The height and width of the element depends on the size of the spokes and the density of your knitting. The pattern consists of 14 loops and 32 rows, the back edge is knitted alone.

1 row consists of 6 loops tied by the facialway, 2 purl, and again 6 facial. Since our owl is symmetrical, try to observe the proportions. The right side of the pattern should be mirrored on the left side. All even rows on the wrong side are knitted by the wrong method. The third row corresponds to the first, just repeat it. In the 5th strip, remove the first three facial loops with an auxiliary tool and lower it for work, then tie 3 loops face-to-face, then do the same with the loops removed - you should get a cross. The next 2 loops will be wrong, and then repeat the weave again, taking into account that the first 3 loops must remain before work and be tied at the end of the pattern. According to the scheme should get the feet of an owl.

owl with knitting needles

Torso and head of the pattern

From the 7th row, the abdomen is formed, so allodd numbers are knitted in a facial fashion. The 21st row is the beginning of the unraveling of the head of an owl and its sharp eyes. To do this, take the first hinges in the amount of 3 pieces for work, then tie the 4 loops face-to-face and 3 loops that were at work. Next, remove the 4 face loops and place them in front of the cloth, tie 3 loops face-to-face and return to the missing loops. Following the scheme, the owls with knitting needles we began to bind the head.

Then follow the description: Even rows are knitted in the wrong way, odd ones are faced. In the 29th row, repeat the actions of the 21st. Next, we will knit the eyebrows in this way: the 30th row - 3 loops in the wrong way, 8 on the front and again 3 in the wrong way; 31 series - 2 facial, 10 purl. and 2 persons; the last, the 32nd row is 1 isnan., 12 faces and 1 is purportedly. a loop. The scheme of the owl, knitting needles, is completely completed.

To create a natural effect on the spot, sew buttons or beads. You can tie small colored circles that resemble pupils. And your little sheep will have an effect on others.

sweater with owl spokes

Openwork owl

Ornament of an owl can be linked without effectThe convexity, using nakidy and cuts loops. A knitted sweater with an owl on the front part will look very original. This decorative element will decorate the everyday blouse, turning it into a smart thing. Effectively looks a pattern on the product of light yarn.

Nakids in this scheme form a bird's outline. To the web did not increase, respectively, the attached loops make proportional cuts. The main part of the sweater is tied with the front surface. According to Scheme 2, facial, tied together, can be tilted to the right or to the left. This is clearly shown by conventional symbols.

how to tie owl with knitting needles

The pattern is very attractive and artistic, with mysterious notes.

From this article you learned how to tie an owlknitting needles. Such work requires the utmost attention and perseverance. But the result will not only please the master, but also provide the views of others, expressing admiration for such jewelry work.

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