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Safe claws of paper: a wonderful toy for children

Children play many games on their own orsame with adults. And in many there are dragons, evil wolves, shaggy bears and terrible monsters. And of course, the claws of paper in such a game will come in handy. They can be done very quickly and simply, they are safe, they do not scratch, they do not harm, and the children will be very happy.

claws of paper

Art of origami

It is this ancient Japanese skill that will helpcreate a hilarious toy. Hundreds of years the master practiced the techniques of flexing a simple sheet, inventing simple and complex figures, creating real miracles. Some origami figures can not only move, but, for example, jump when you press them with your finger (this is, say, a famous figure of a frog). Today, this wizardry can be used by anyone. We need only a sheet of paper of standard size, that is A4, for each finger, a little time and, of course, patience. In principle, you can take not only a simple white base, but also paper of any color, if it is included in the planned image. If you want to change the shade of the product, you will need paint.

how to make a claw of paper

Beginning of work

How to make a claw of paper? So, let's begin. Take a prepared sheet, put it on a table or floor, that is, on any flat surface. If the toy is added together with the child, it may be more convenient on the floor.


Leaf we put the short side to ourselves. Now, the left edge is bent to the right side so that a square is obtained. The remaining scrap of paper should not be cut. The next step required by the claws of paper is the folding of the right edge to the left side, at which an acute angle remains below, and at the top there is again a strip of excess paper, which, for the time being, is not needed to touch. The previous extra tail is added, and then the left edge is bent into the center, resulting in a pentagon. This figure must be folded in half, before bending down its upper edge. The result is a triangle, the acute corner of which is directed towards itself. We find and mark its middle, now we add the left edge to the right edge, a little bend to get a crease, and straighten it back. We take the left corner, bend it to the center of the figure, then fold the same angle again. The right angle is bent to the left.

claw of paper circuit


Everything - our claw of paper is ready. The scheme of its creation is quite simple, but you can still practice it. Now it remains only to iron carefully all the folds, turn one edge into the recess inside the claw. You can put your finger in your pocket and go play. In exactly the same way, you need to add the other claws from the paper.


Finally, the toy is ready. But simple white fingers are not too scary. It will be much better if the claws of the paper are gleamed with fresh blood (gouache or watercolor for these purposes will do the best). If the image of some alien monster is tried, then you can take any color, even gild the resulting toy. For strength, you can cover claws with a manicure varnish, so they will last longer. Joy and a wonderful mood, as well as a good time for you and your children is provided for sure.

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