/ Knitting knitting with gloves is a wonderful activity in your free time

Knitting of gloves with knitting needles is a wonderful activity in your free time

Gloves are a necessary piece of clothing,which not only protects against wind and cold, but also carries decorative functions. The main difference between gloves and mittens is that all fingers are loosened in them. Their length can be any and depends on their purpose.

Knitting of gloves with knitting needles is performed round-the-clock. To do this, you need 5 spokes. Below is a very simple way to create a product that is perfect for beginners. If you want to make a gift for a man, a woman or a child with your own hands, then gloves will be suitable for this, as well as possible.

Begin knitting gloves with knitting needles easier threadssingle color. The first step is to determine how many loops are required to create the product. To do this, measure the circumference of the hand, without taking into account the size of the thumb. Then it is necessary to tie several rows of the sample, typing 20 loops. Thus, the density of the mating is determined, and the number of loops per one centimeter of the web is calculated by dividing the number 20 by the resulting length of the specimen. The result should be multiplied by the measurement of the circumference of the hand - this will be the number of loops required for work. If a fractional number is obtained, then it is desirable to round it to the whole, so that it is divided into four without a remainder.
Further, the loops are distributed equally on the four spokes.

Knitting of gloves with knitting needles can be done withbend, with a cuff or with a thickened set. Having made a canvas before the beginning of the palm, it is necessary to untie the place for the thumb. To do this, create a wedge, which for the left glove is made at the end of the fourth knitting, for the right - at the beginning of the third.

Wedge is gradually removed, adding airloops (nakids). The addition is made through three circles. The Nakid must be made in the last loop of the fourth knitting needle and before the first - the third knitting needle, then a single loop is sewn and again wrapped. As a result, on both spokes it becomes 2 more loops.

The second increase will be for the right gloveto be made so: in the 4th or 5th row of the beginning of the third knitting needle is made, then the three facial, nakid. For the left: at the end of the fourth knitting needle, before the last three loops, a knitted cap is sewn, then three face and a cape. Additions end when the height of the wedge reaches the base of the thumb.

The wedge loops must be assembled on two pins,and instead of them, dial air loops, the number of which should be less than twice. Next, one row is tied, and at the next, the loops are reduced where they were recruited from both sides. Decrease is carried out that moment while on spokes there will be no initial number of loops.

If knitting gloves without fingers (knobs) is performed, the work will have to be done in a different way.

Then the gloves knit to the base of the little finger. The loops for all fingers are divided into four parts. If there is a residue, it can be added to the back of the middle and index finger. Loops from the little finger are dropped on the pin, and the others knit two rows higher. In order for the middle finger to feel free, a jumper is created, for this purpose 4 capers are added. Then the loops for the ring finger are counted, to which 4 more rounds are added on the middle side. Produce knitting with the help of three knitting needles before the nail begins. And after that, the decrease at the end of each knitting needle begins.

The remaining three loops must be assembled onto the needleand tighten from the wrong side. The described method should knit the index, middle fingers, and also the little finger, not forgetting the addition of 4 air loops to create jumpers.

At the final stage, knitting is donegloves with knitting needles and thumbwork. To do this, the loops from the pins are assembled on the circle and transferred to two spokes, and with the help of the third, air loops are formed along the edge of the upper edge of the product. This concludes the work.

The knitting pattern of glove-mittens will differ from the previous one in that only the thumb and index fingers do.

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