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Preparing for the New Year - we make a Christmas wreath with our own hands

Christmas wreath is considered a guardian, whichpersonifies life, well-being and happiness. On the eve of New Year's holidays they decorate the front door, the walls in the house and the festive table. It is believed that the more magnificent and brighter this attribute, the more good luck and good will bring the hosts a new year. Do you want happiness in the near future? Then make sure that beautiful Christmas wreaths "settle" in your house. You can see photos of similar products in this article. Here you can find descriptions of different variants of making this Christmas decoration in the home. Study the information, make sure that making a Christmas wreath with your own hands is not at all difficult. Be charged with a festive spirit and inspiration!

wreath Christmas with your own hands

Coniferous wreath

For the manufacture of this New Year's decoration forat home, you will need: wire, branches of living conifers (or artificial), satin or kapron ribbons, fur-tree toys, threads. To make a Christmas wreath from the branches, you need to twist the wire from the base of an oval or round shape. Then, attach twigs to it. When tying them, try to move from the bottom up. The next stage of the product is decorating. Fit the wreath with a satin ribbon, fix the ends between the branches. Fit Christmas toys with threads. From the nylon ribbon, make small bows and glue them with a hot gun or any textile glue. From another tape, make a loop to hang the decoration. Traditional coniferous Christmas wreath with his own hands is executed. Now he is ready to decorate your home.

Christmas Wreath Photo

We make a Christmas wreath with our own hands from an improvised material

Such a Christmas decoration will cost youpenny, and the result will surpass all your expectations. To make a wreath, you need a piece of foam plastic sheet, twine, braid, paper napkins, beads. From the foam plastic cut the ring and wrap it tightly with string. Glue flowers or snowflakes from paper napkins all over the surface of the wreath. With snowflakes, everything is clear, and the flowers are made as follows: each napkin is folded four times, in the middle is fastened with a stapler. The corners of the workpiece are cut to form a circle. The result is an element consisting of 8 layers of paper with a staple from the stapler in the center. Now with fingers, each layer is bent in the middle, forming petals. In the end we get a magnificent flower. The voids between the paper flowers are decorated with beads. Such a wreath can be hung inside the house or on the street in dry weather.

Christmas ring of rods

A wreath of twigs of deciduous trees looksvery impressive and interesting. In this case, all the beauty depends on the chosen decor. Long thin rods are twisted into a ring and fixed with a nylon thread. The satin ribbon is wrapped around the ring and fixed on the underside of the article. A glue gun or glue "Dragon", "Titan" on a wreath is fastened with decorative elements. Especially good look at such wreath cones and walnuts, previously painted from a can in golden or silver color, natural bunches of mountain ash and dogrose, dried flowers. You can use Christmas garlands and toys as decorations.

Christmas wreath of branches

More ideas of Christmas rings

The principle of performing wreaths is understandable to you. Similar ways can be used to make these ornaments from other materials. In conclusion, I want to introduce you to some other ways of decorating this New Year's attribute. You can make a Christmas wreath with your own hands in the origami technique from preforms-modules, from laurel leaves, from small soft toys, from fruits and vegetables and even from sweets. Choose the method that you liked most. Good luck in your work and happy New Year!

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