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Pattern and poncho pattern: knitting it is not difficult to knit

Knitters are a very specific people. They can be interested in the most complicated design developments and store thousands of pictures with knitted clothes of the most crazy shapes and colors, but with the onset of colds they certainly take up tools and create old good socks or classic hats and scarves.

Similarly, things are the case when you needmake a cape for a child or an adult: polisht page with images of Irish lace, "freform" and other delicacies, we just knit ponchos with knitting needles. Schemes in this case the most common ones are used. True, sometimes they are combined with each other and make up new combinations.

knit ponchos with knitting needles

Poncho yarn

There are many varieties of capes: they can be warm or cotton, dense or openwork, casual or elegant. In this article we will talk about how to warm up for the winter and knit the ponchos with knitting needles (a scheme, and not one, will be attached to each model).

Based on the purpose of the product, the material followspick up a warm, but easy. Otherwise, it can be voluminous, but too heavy. On average, about 800 grams of yarn will be required (assuming its thickness is not more than 300 m / 100 grams) and the poncho scheme.

Knitting it is not difficult to knit, but if it containsspit or bulky "bumps", then the material consumption will increase by 10%. Also, take into account the high collars and brushes (if they will). At the neck height of 18 cm will require at least ½ coil, the same amount will go to the fringe or brush.

The scheme for lazy knitters

The poncho scheme presented by us, knitting needlesbound, does not require any special skills. It is enough to know how to perform the facial, purl loops and nakidy. The product consists of one part, made round.

poncho for the lazy

The set of numbers is the neck. From the second row to the end of the canvas, two places (which must be opposite each other) should be added. To get the right shape, you need to expand the fabric into four loops in each front row.

knit poncho with knitting needles

To do this, from both sides choose one loop andmark them with markers. Then make nakidy before and after the marked places, and in the purse rows, these capes are tied, which leads to the formation of new loops.

That's the whole story about how to quickly link a warm cloak.

Classic Poncho

In the photo, the article shows a product with the simplest cut that you can think of. In fact, this is a rectangle with a neck. Next, we offer you a poncho scheme.

poncho knitting pattern

The knitting need not match such an article, but across. That is, the typing edge becomes one side, and the last row becomes the second side.

knitting pattern poncho knitting

Therefore, the braids are also located across the poncho. The picture on the details of the transmission and the backrest is the same, but it is made in mirror order. Back:

  1. On the left side there is a bar (5 loops of garter stitch).
  2. Then the site bound by the facial surface.
  3. Then the fragment, made according to the scheme A.1.
  4. Central ornament: a complex braid.
  5. Again, the part tied according to the scheme A.1.

poncho needles scheme and description

As a transition to the detail of the transfer, the strip of the pattern "rice" was used:

  1. Face series - 1 facial, 1 purl.
  2. Invalid row - 1 front, 1 purl.

The transmission part contains the same set of patterns, but it should be arranged symmetrically.

Knitting pattern of ponchos with knitting needles at the beginningand at the end of the canvas (5 cm) is only the facial loops. In other words, it is garter stitch, to get the same bar as the sides of the parts.

Forming the neck

In the center of the canvas, an opening must be made, whichwill serve as a throat. The height of the canvas before its beginning and after completion should be very carefully calculated, so that the two sections of the poncho were the same.

The neck is formed in several stages:

  1. Immediately cut the loops in a small area (about 8-10 cm).
  2. The next 5 cm on both sides of the opening, cut one loop in the front rows. The details of the gear and the back are knitted here in turn.
  3. Then about 10 cm knit smoothly.
  4. The next 5 cm should be added to the loops in the same way as before cut: one in each face row. Should be a bevel, symmetrical on both sides.
  5. At the last stage, the same number of loops is obtained on the spokes, which was cut first (in the first point), the transfer belts and backboards are joined and knitting of one large part continues.

The finished neck must be symmetrical. If this does not happen, the knitter should find the error and fix it.

How to make a collar

After the poncho has been knitted with spokes (the diagram and description can be any), a neck cut must be made. It can be equipped with a neat bar or a high collar.

In any case, at the edge of the neck to the circularNeedles in a convenient way dial the number of loops calculated in advance. Then knit an elastic band (English, 1: 1 or 2: 2). The height of the bar is usually about 3-5 cm, the part should be made twice as high, then turned and sewed from the wrong side.

A warm, high neck is usually about 18 cm. This size allows you to fold it in half.

Geometric puzzle

The next model is two rectangles, sewn in a certain order.

poncho pattern

Knit fabrics are extremely simple, because you can use any pattern or even a simple smooth surface.

poncho from two canvases

Below is the poncho scheme used to make the model in the photo.

pattern pattern

Spaces here and a combination of simple braids, a pattern of crossed loops and "bumps" is performed. As a result, a very nice version of a smart and warm cloak turned out.

poncho pattern

This knitting pattern of poncho knitting needles can be approached as the base of the pattern for any product: sweaters, dresses, scarves or hats. So it can be safely called universal.

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