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Breeding of chickens: tasty, profitable, useful!

In our very uneasy and full of varioussynthetic substitutes and gmo time, more and more people are trying to keep personal household plots. Someone grows fruits and vegetables in the country, and someone breeds various farm animals. After all, it's much more pleasant to pamper yourself and your family with home-made products than to buy the same products, but with a lot of additives and substitutes, very harmful to people's health, and especially for a child's developing organism. If you also want to change your life and eat only natural products, do not deny yourself such pleasure, start your farm and live in harmony with nature.

The main thing for you to decide what exactly you wantand what kind of farm animals will be most beneficial to plant in your home. As in any other business, so in this, the most important thing is to find out how much more information you are interested in. Let's try to do it now. If you choose between different kinds of domestic animals, then the breeding of chickens is very much in demand among farmers. Their content is convenient in that it does not require large investments and time-consuming costs. The bird for the content is chosen depending on what kind of products they want to have. After all, there is a meat, egg, meat meat and decorative breed of chickens.

Also, they can also be distinguished by the type of demolishedeggs: with pink-brown and white shell. It would not be superfluous to add that most farms give preference to meat-meat breeds of chickens, since they can receive two types of product: eggs and meat. Also they are very hardy, calm and less finicky to the conditions of detention. Such chickens by the number of demolished eggs are slightly inferior to egg breeds. Although, on the other hand, their eggs are much larger, and basically have a mass of 60 to 64 g, so breeding hen hens is not always justified!

Whatever breed you decide to grow, you needTo know and that at good feeding of chickens they only for two months can grow from 1,3 up to 1,8 kg. An adult chicken can have a mass of 3.3 to 4 kg, and a cock up to 4.5 kg. Such a mass of youngsters will help a beginning poultry farmer to earn some money for further development. After all, without certain investments, it's almost impossible to develop your own poultry farm and everyone knows about it!

In order to breed chicken broughtprofit, they build poultry houses from adobe or wood, but the main thing is not brick and stone, since such walls will accumulate moisture both in winter and in spring. In addition, the walls of the house can be insulated with various insulants, but indoors they must be whitewashed with lime. To prepare such a solution take 1 kilogram of hydrated lime 100 grams of common salt and stir in 5 liters of water. The floor can be made, both from concrete, and from clay and wood, it, subsequently, is warmed with straw or sawdust. As you can see, the breeding of chickens is not so troublesome as it might seem at first glance.

Undoubtedly, an important aspect in the constructionThe house is its location in relation to the sun. After all, under the influence of the sun's rays, the chicken produces the necessary and useful vitamin D, which is why it is desirable to have windows overlooking the sunny side in the construction. If there are no windows in the poultry house, then it must be illuminated with electric lamps - without this, chicken breeding is impossible. And from autumn to spring even poultry houses with windows still need to be illuminated with lamps, thereby increasing the duration of the day to 12 and sometimes up to 14 hours a day. Such measures, together with excellent nutrition, lead to the fact that chickens carry much more eggs. It is also necessary to provide for the chickens to go out, for this purpose they build special walking yards with pockets where the bird could rest.

As for feed, the breeding of chickens is notwill require special expenses. The main food for them is grain, and they also eat with pleasure and green fodders, which are very rich in vitamins. In any case, if you are interested in breeding chickens, then you can always find a lot of useful information on thematic forums. In the same place you will find out about those forages that are most favorable for different breeds of chickens!

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